Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cowboy Blues

If you're at my blog reading about the cowboy blues you know I'm talking 'bout kings, right?  They killed me last night, absolutely killed me.  In fact I should start a new blog called How NOT to play KK.  OMFG

Yesterday (Friday) at the last minute I decided I had a hankering to play a tournament, so I texted Gary to see if Tootsie would let him out to play.  She did.  I sometimes think Tootsie has thoughts like "God bless Josie for getting Gary outa this house and giving me a few hours of peace and quiet."  Hmmmm maybe, maybe not.  Anyway, we headed up to the Seabrook Poker Room for the 6:30pm $90 tourney.  Fun times.

My plan going in was to be careful and last a long time.  No unecessary gambles, I promised myself.  After about the first hour I was a slight chip leader, playing selectively and well.  A new guy came to the table just as I got QQ.  I raised it up to $500.  The newbie and one other guy came along.  Flop was A-x-x.  I bet out $500 and the newbie raised it up to 2K.  The ladies hit the muck very quickly.

A few hands later I get K-K.  The first guy to act raises to $450 and i reraise to $1100.  Two guys call me in addition to the initial raiser.  There are 4 of us looking at a flop which was J-7-3 two crubs.  First guy to act bets 2K and I raise to 5K.  Newbie jams all in.  The other guy, the one I'd been playing with and had a feeling for how he played, also jammed all in.  Initial better folds. 


I think aloud saying the 2nd guy to jam all in, has a flush draw, but the other guy......jams all in after a raise and a reraise....what's he got?  It ain't A-J.  No one but a moron does that with tptk, considering the situation.  No one is shortstacked.

I figure the first guy for trips....maybe even A-A and the second guy for a flush draw.

First guy calls a clock on me.....

Do I fold or call?  I sooo didn't want to do anything stupid so early, and really what can I beat?  OMFG.  I fold my K-K face up.  First guy has ace rag, both crubs and the second guy has king rag, both clubs.  Jeezus!

We look at the turn and its a heart.  As is the river.  First guy wins with ace high.  I threw away the winner.  OMFG.

I had about 7K of mychips in that pot two, plus I would've taken those two guys out.  I don't panic though as I have about 15K left and we started with 12K.  No biggie.  I clamp down and win a few small pots.....

And then K-K AGAIN.

Same idiot newbie guy.  At this point he's lost most of the chips from that pot and has a bit less than me.  Can you imagine?

So I have K-K again and this time I smooth call knowing he's desperate and steaming from losing the last 5 or so pots.  I smooth call as does someone else and he jams all in.  Awesome.  Just as I thought he would.

I jam all in over the top and the other guy folds.  He flips over Q-J off suit and I flip over my cowboys.  He concedes that I'm rightfully getting my chips back and we look at a flop.

First card shown is a K.  :)

and behind that, an ace and a 10.  Yep, he flopped broadway.   After teh turn I had outs out the kazoo, flush outs in addition to the board pairing for a full house, but nope.  I handed most of my stack to that same guy.

I was out soon enough....played a sit & go and came in 3rd place even though the guy who came in second knew nothing about poker except that a flush beats a straight.  no one's fault but mine.  I at least cashed though.

Play smart....or drunk, which can also be profitable.  If you don't believe me, then read THIS HERE.



lightning36 said...

Remember my whining in the VJ and Mookie tournaments about how I ran like crap and you hit EVERY freaking card? And I said that someday variance would come back to bite you in the butt?

I am surprised that an aggro player like you layed down the first KK. The second KK -- how's your butt feeling?

Now -- remember that this has nothing to do with your ability as a tournament player, which we know is quite good -- are you able to look back at those tournaments and think "My gosh -- I hit virtually every flop, turn, or river?"

Josie said...

I still think that first laydown was more right than wrong. what could I beat? A-J? and does A-J really do that sort of move after a bet and raise? nah.

my butt feels great, but don't take my word for it....