Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crafty Devil and Little Acorns

If you want a step back in time, check out The Crafty Devil Southpaw's latest post, where he compares me to his mom's 70's wallpaper.  The reason I wore the big earrings (and floral top) for the pictures was I was worried I'd look to butch/dikey, with the short hair.

I've seen the wallpaper in person and even though I am sure it was put up at least 30 years ago, it looks brand spanking new.  The whole house is kind of like stepping into a time machine, in the coolest of ways. 

I think Gary should do a whole post about his Mom.  Ma stories are the best!

Yankees suck.  I know you probably think they've been playing well but trust me, THEY SUCK.  I predict the Texas Rangers kick their ass and win the World Series.

Speaking of The Rangers, there's another sports team called The Rangers right over the pond.  You should check out Little Acorn Man's post about The Rangers.....it looks like a damn exciting game - who knew soccer could be so explosive.  I have never been to a soccer game - but now maybe I will.  Revolution tickets are so darn cheap....we shall see if US soccer is as exciting as UK football.
Play smart.


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Gary said...

You're absolutely right - the Yankees do indeed suck. Go Rangers (Texas)! But I kinda like soccer too, so Up The Rangers!