Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spew Day

spew (verb) spewed, spew·ing, spews
1. To send or force out in or as if in a stream; eject forcefully or in large amounts:
I must say, the tournament is aptly named.  It started at 9pm and I was done before 9:30pm.  I played a couple of hands and lost a few chips....until I got a couple of decent hands.  That was my demise.
I get QQ I min raise to 120 and Walchy reraises me to 180.  I jam all in baby!  He calls me, PREFLOP, with 5-3.  Check it out below...

I doubled Walchy oup but still had enough to be in the game.  I play a short stack just fine, unless lightning (not you lightbulb) strikes twice.

2 hands later, I get QQ AGAIN.  Again, I raise to 120, again he reraises to 180.  Again I jam all in.  Again he calls my all in PREFLOP.  This time he has J-4.  Ha!  He can't bust QQ twice. 

Boy was I wrong.

Loved the flop, but knew I was done when the turn gave him the straight draw.

Maybe that's karma baby.  Perhaps I wasn't meant to play in this tourney as I didn't win entry fair and square.  Be that as it may, many thanks to HeffMike for being so nice.

While I'm on the subject of nice bloggers, let's talk about Wolfie for a moment.  He's a really nice blogger.  In fact, he's so nice he's offered to buy me some drinks while I'm in Vegas!  LOL, well not exactly, but I'm working on him.  He seems to think I'm anti-social (which yeah, I usually am) because I happened to mention that I'd be playing poker the whole time I'm in Vegas, but you know.......I plan on socializing too.  I mean I'll get breaks while I'm playing poker.  :P  Besides, as antisocial as I am....and I really am, all that goes out the window when I'm playing poker and when I'm drinking.  This'll be a double whammy!

Wolfie took 2nd place in the Spew Day Super Turbo - not only that but he took me out too!  After my big beat in the main tourney, I was done.

One other thing.  I do have some big news for my readers, but I want the news to have a separate post of it's own, so you're going to have to wait another day for it.  It's worth the wait though.

Okay one more thing.  You guys ever read Vegas Linda Lou?

She's who I want to be when I grow up, and she's not even a poker player!  Maybe it's because she's hilarious, honest, confident, and embraces who she is.  Anyway, she is THE REASON I started this blog.  I know good advice when I see it.  And if you couple that good advice with swearing and stories of hanging in biker bars, you've got me.  Anyway, one of her tidbits was to think about what you really want to do and then do it.  I wanted a poker blog, and she said to do it, so I did.  I stopped worrying that it wouldn't measure up and started posting.  She was right.  I also learned how to stand up straight from her. (chest out, shoulders down)

Anyway, she just shared some bad news with me, so this is for you Linda Lou!

Cancer can suck my BIG BLACK dick!*


*Just another tidbit I learned from Linda Lou.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

You're damn right, Josie! Just to clarify--that friggin' disease hasn't tapped me on the shoulder, but one of my beloved blog readers. I know it's no way for a sweet granny like me to talk, but yeah, cancer can suck my big black dick.

Wolfshead said...

Really pushing ain't ya babe?

Josie said...

LOL Linda!

Wolfie, Me? Push things? Yup!

Lucki Duck said...

I really enjoy Linda's blog. Even bought a copy of her book "Bastard Husband, A Love Story" and cracked three ribs laughing! (She still hasn't sent the money to pay my medical expenses).

Had to laugh at the hands you mentioned. Gotta love poker!

Josie said...

Ducky, that's awesome that you bought her book. I have it too!

Bastard Husband A Love Story is a hilarious memoir of Linda's time in Vegas. Good stuff!

BamBam said...

OK Josie, I need you to really, REALLY listen to me here, OK?

Spending ALL of your time at a Poker table without our fellow bloggers around it while at The Gathering, is just another trip to Vegas.

I understand that this is your first one and I for one am jealous as Hell, that this may be the first one I may be forced to miss.

Get to know our friends. Do Thursday night at The I.P. Geisha Bar for sure! Spend some time at the tables while your there but DEFINATELY, spend some time with the kids at the bar.

Friday night at the MGM Poker room has become legendary. I fully expect you and all the other kids to keep it going exactly that way this year.

Any weekend or week in Vegas can be fun but there really is, only one December Gathering.

Take my advice please. Get the most out of it that you can because if you do, come December 14th. or so, you won't be able to wait until you get back to do it all over again.

Fellow Gatherers........

Agree or no?

Josie said...

Bammer, you're not gonna be there? :(

I hear you, and I promise to be at the Geisha bar Thursday night. Maybe I'll stay for an extra day to get more poker in.

Wolfshead said...


tho I haven't made Vegas yet based on what I learned at Al's bash when I met some of you I agree and was looking forward to Vegas that year but missed it due to unfortunate ircumstances as most should know considering it basically became the start of all this silly assed blogging crap and I wrote about it enough.

And you better get your ass there. Or at least send Pebbles, my neck gets even stiffer than it did back then and her fingers were magic.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Lucky Duck and Josie, THANK YOU for the kind words about my book! So very appreciated!