Friday, October 1, 2010

Yes, More Poker - live updates

Okay, to recap, I played a $24+2 double stack knockout tourney earlier today.  977 peeps, 90 itm.  I came in 34th for a cash of $66 plus some knockouts.


I played a $14 satellite to a $109 tourney - 3 places itm and I won!

Then I played a $14 satellite to tonights $75K guarantee, $150+13 entry, and I lost.

So I played a $24 satellite for that same $75K tourney and I won it!

Right now I am playing the big tourney and just took a bad beat.  I flopped trip 3s and the villian caught a straight on the river.  Ugh.  It's a double stack and I am down to $1,000 chips.

I'll update my status when I've doubled up or am out. :)

8:35pm After struggling for about half an hour I just doubled up to 1,700.  Yes, it's a double stack.  I'll be back when I double up again or...ugh.

8:41pm, 2,300 in chips.  I am back in this game.

8:44pm - I'm out.  Another bluff against pocket aces.  FML!

Play Smart.


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