Saturday, October 30, 2010


I winned!

Look at me with a check from Seabrook/Rockingham poker room!  The funny thing is, you have to endorse the check to them, and then they give you cash for it.  See below.

My winnings less the dealer's tip

The dealer earned his tip today too.  I was in the 10 seat, sitting next to the dealer and yup, I hit him.  I have to stop doing that, although once I smacked him around, my cards seemed to improve considerably.

I'm very tired right now, but later on I will write up the details of the really fun tournament I played today.  $80 buy in and 22 peeps.  In the end, when we were 3 handed I had over double the next stack yet I offered to split 3 ways if they gave me $100 extra.  They both jumped on it and I got a little over $500 for a few hours of play.  Mama has won the cost of the Vegas trip.  Well, air and hotel costs anyway. It's time to book it.

Play smart.


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Wolfshead said...

you ain't booked yet?