Friday, October 22, 2010

Mama's getting free booze!

Waffles better get some money and permission from the wife for this!

I don't know if you've heard, but Waffles and I have a bet on football this weekend!  Waffles Loser has to buy the winner drinks!

Here is the bet.  I am in a football league where you pick the winners of all games (outright winners, no spread) and assign a value to each winner. 1-14 cuz there are 14 games.  1 goes to your least confident pick and 14 to your post confident pick.  At the end, whoever has the most total points wins!

Easy peasy!  At least that's what Waffles thinks.  He thinks he can compete, but I've been kicking ass at this game for years.  To play in the league it's $60 for the year, but you can win alot more than that.  But more than that, it makes Sunday Football so much fun and exciting.  Booya!  I cannot wait for Sunday!

Okay below are my picks - they are in order of my favorite to least favorite.  I have no DOUBT I will be getting free shots of Patrone.

Baltimore/Buffalo BALTIMORE 14
New Orleans/Cleveland NEW ORLEANS 13
Kansas City/Jackonsville KANSAS CITY 12
Denver/Oakland DENVER 11
Seattle/Arizona SEATTLE 10
Miami/Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH 9
Tennessee/Philadelphai TENNESSEE 8 (fucking tennessee and waffles cost me the win last week!)
Tampa Bay/St. Louis TAMPA BAY 7
Dallas/NY Giants DALLAS 6 (fuck you eli manning)
Chicago/Washington CHICAGO 5
Carolina/San Francisco SAN FRAN 4
Atlanta/Cinncinati ATLANTA 3 (I was waffling on this one, hence the low number.  Cinncy might bring it)
Green Bay/Minnesota GREEN BAY 2 (Brett's too busy taking pics of his nether regions to focus on football that is)
San Diego/New England NEW ENGLAND BABY! 1

Okay, once I post this I get to check out Waffles picks and get a good laugh.  Go Team Josie!

Last week's near win put me in first place for the year in my league.  There is a prize for first place half way through the season - and that's only 2 weeks away!  I have to hold onto my lead until then.  I haven't posted my picks for the league yet.  They don't have to be posted until noon Sunday, and I'm tempted to make a few changes, like raising the points on NE....I dunno.

If you clicky, you'll see I have the lead by only 6 points

Miami Don, if you are reading this, GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!!!!!  Um, and do you think I'm gonna kick Waffles little ass?

Play smart.



Hurricane Mikey-- said...

I see a couple of problems--Arizona is gonna beat Seattle, and St. Louis is likely to beat Tampa Bay. Also, Chicago is a complete fraud and Washington is moving in the right direction. And the New England pick should be worth more than one point. San Diego kinda blows.

Josie said...

Huh...I think you're right about Arizona, and yes I'm bringing NE up some points for my league....Okay Imma gonna make those changes. If I lose, I suggest you sail away on a big boat...Oh, you're gonna do that anyway!

Thanks for the advice - I will use it.

Memphis MOJO said...

GL. Looks like free money, er free drinks, to me.

Heffmike said...

mentioned it on Waffles' blog, but side action on winnar between the two of you is necessary, k pls thx.

Wolfshead said...

Gee, I wonder what Waffles drinks?

Josie said...

Heffmike I'll give you some action! You wanna go with Waffles picks and I'll go with mine? :)))

Wolfie, Waffles will drink whatever I tell him to. :P

Heffmike said...

Sure: how about this:

Waffuls wins - you buy me into both Spewday events and the next Very Josie...

You win - I buy you into both Spewdays and one buyin for whoever you want into the next VJ.

About a $30 side bet. Deal?

Spewday is IDs 181980093 & 181980391. There's a 9:00pm ET $11 turbo and a 9:15pm $6 super turbo

Josie said...

Wow - guess you like Waffles' picks! Sheesh, next thing you'll throw in diapers for Baby Heff too!


When you lose, I'll get 2 buy ins to SpewDay (never played it before and I want to!) and you can pay for Waffles Buy-in to the Next VJ. At least he'll get something out of his cooler picks.

Josie said...

Oh Heff, and one more thing....if I win, I get a little post on your blog about how I'm a force to be reckoned with, both in poker and football...along with a link to me, of course.


Heffmike said...

yaddayaddayadda, deal, sure. :-)

Do I like Waffles' picks? Pfft, barely looked at them. I'm sure I'm getting the short end here, but whatever, gambool.

Wolfshead said...


you better win this damned football thingie or we're never gonna hear the frikkin end of it.

Josie said...

Wolfie's smarter than he looks! :P

Anonymous said...

Baltimore -14 and N Orleans -13 can't be good. You better hope those two turn it around.

Josie said...

Yeah, New Orleans killed me. At least baltimore pulled it off.

It's going to be a close one against Waffles picks.