Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I won The Very Josie!  It's the first time I've ever won my own tournament!  I am so excited.  The key to winning is getting good cards. :) I got pocket 10s 5 times, AA twice and all sorts of good starting hands.
Unfortunately, only 9 people played so it was a one table.  I didn't realize that I didn't have late registration set up so Mojo got there a couple minutes late and couldn't get in but he railed for a while.  I wonder if I would've won had Mojo played.....

The only downside to the game was that Wolfie baby took Dionysus out before I had a chance to play against him.  Yes Dave was first out, and I didn't get his bounty.  But the more I think about it, I took Wolfie out so I feel like I got Dave's chips once removed.  :)

I was so happy to see Wolfie was playing.  Haven't had a chance to chat with him for a while.  And I figure if he's in the game, he's like a captive audience.  He can't get away from my chatting.  :)  Wolfie was partying with ice cream and nyquil.  Not that's quite a combination.

Wolfie took Lightbulb out and someone else who shall remain nameless.  Damn Wolfie, how many bounties did you get?  You are a poker pro!  You cashed all while enjoying ice cream and nyquil!

My boy Bam-Bam played too.  He sat next to me, to my right and seemed to play solid tight poker for quite a while.  I don't think I've ever played with BamBam at my table and I have a VERY good memory for players.  So I started thinking "What do I know about how BamBam plays?"  Hmmmm went through the cranial files and came up with only one thing.  I remembered reading a post of his where he played a $3 (90) person game (I think that was it) and he played ONLY ONE HAND and came in the money.  I shiat you not.  So he's a nitty old man. :) I figure I'll go with that until I get more info.

He sure played like a nit, so I only went up against him if I had a big hand.  No draws, no mezza mezza crap.  I didn't get many chips off him, till his last hand.  Poor Bammer ended up being bubble when.....I took him out.  I think I had an over pair to his top pair with jack kicker....that's the only way to get a nitty old man out.  (I'm ready for you Mojo!)

Anyone ever notice how happy and positive Bammer is?  He should give a seminar on how to achieve his bliss or something.  Ummm a seminar that includes booze.  :)

Okay down to Me (yay very josie!) HeffMike (booooooo) and Wolfie (meh).  HeffMike was the chip leader until........Wolfie and I get in a hand.  Flop was 9xx with 2 clubs.  I have q-10 of clubs.  I bet almost pot and he calls.  Ut oh.  turn is the 3rd club.  Bing!  I check, he bets I call.  He goes all in on the river and I worry about a bigger flush but that doesn't stop me from calling.  I win with my flush against Wolfie's pocket nines.  He flopped trips.  What a howl!  lol

Down to me and HeffMike.  I tell him how I've never won The Very Josie and how I NEED to win this.  And then I tell him how awesome I am heads up and he should just roll over and die.  :)  I won about 5 hands in a row and Mikey was seriously shortstacked.  His demise was 2-2.  He raised and I called with 8-9. Flop was 8 high.  Nice! Turn was a 10 and he jams all in.  He was so short stacked I had to call him and I really didn't put him on a 10.  I didn't even put him on ducks.  He didn't improve and that was that.  Yay!!!  HeffMike was distracted by some 8th grade homework, and that can be a killer.

Winner, Winner, HeffMike Dinner!

But the lesson to be learned here is:


Play smart.


PS.  Here's a weird thought.  Somehow the conversation turned to porn or prostitutes or something and Lightning mentions his Amy Fisher/Long Island Lolita post and then he says.....that I look like Amy Fisher!  At first I'm thinking Nooooooo Efffing Way.  He's never met me in person and I think I'm cuter than her.  ( I really gotta work on that confidence thing)  But!!!  I just googled her and shiat, I think I do look like her!  I dunno.  Waffles has met the wonder that is Josie tell I frigging look like that psycho bitch? 

Amy Fisher

Not Amy Fisher

I can kinda see it, I guess.


Heffmike said...

I got freaking PWND heads up.
End of story.

I need more work HU than I thought. I can't close anything lately.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the win! That's great.

that's the only way to get a nitty old man out. (I'm ready for you Mojo!)

Heheh, I don't deny my nit-hood.

Josie said...

Congrats on the cash Mike!

Thanks Mojo! One of these days...

Lucki Duck said...

Damn, I got my ass kicked by Amy Fisher!

SirFWALGMan said...

Like sisters! I think it's that Italian look.. If she cut her hair different you two would be twins.

Gratz on the First Place!

Josie said...

Thanks baby!

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

Damn... I forgot about it, but I probably would've play had I remembered. But congrats on your big win, Lolita!

Josie said...

Mikey, I was very close to sending you an email invite but didn't know if you were up for online poker yet. I'll remind you next month!

lightning36 said...

Congrats on the win.

It is time for the original VJ winner to regain the throne. A lightning win is in the air ...

Josie said...

Ah yes, you were the first Lightning!

PokahDave said...

I'm going to win the next one....and you will get NO BOUNTY FROM ME!!!

BamBam said...

Seminar huh? OH! "with booze!" That could possibly be arranged.


Congrats Jo!

Josie said...

Dave you let frigging Wolfie take you out. Maybe you aren't as good as I thought. :P