Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Update

Well for starters I'm in freaking work!  My long time readers know that because of a reduction in pay I have Fridays off but there is so much time sensitive work to do, so here I am.

On Wednesday my boss asked me what I had planned for Friday.  "Nothing much yet" I told him.  "Do you want me to come in?"  He said to keep it open just in case.  Now I've worked a Friday or two without getting paid and if I wasn't so darn broke it wouldn't be an issue.  But I am.

And then he never got back to me.

Thursday was NOT a good day.  I was in a bad mood all day long (hard to believe, right?) trying to get too much done in not enough time and like 2 minutes before I was leaving he comes up to me and says "I hate to ask this, but can you come in Friday?"

My response was "I hate to say this but will I be getting paid?"

He started with maybe I'd get something like time off later on, WHICH I DON'T NEED.  I have vacation time, sick time and personal time.  He knows this.  So I shot him the Sicilian Death Ray look with my eyes, and sometimes that's all it takes.  Yes I'm getting paid to write this post.  LOL No, not to write this post.  I was suppposed to work until 2:30pm which I did, and now I thought I'd take a quiet hour to write this up and make my football picks. 

BTW I am taking work home so they always get something for free.  One of the prinicpals emailed me a 35 page thing on Ethics that is going to be discussed at Tuesday morning's management meeting.  I predict I will be reading it Monday night at midnight.

Okay enough of the boring crap, let's get onto my hair and poker!

My of my readers emails comments to me instead of posting them here.  His first email pretty much stated that I was CRAZY to let the majority dictate my hair style.  Maybe he has a point.  Another email said that he was partial to longer hair.  These emails coincide with my feelings of chickening out on the drastic hair cut.  I have a fear that I will look like very dikey and butch, which of course I am not.  So I don't know what's going to happen, although one way or another I am getting my hair cut this weekend.

Poker.....I better rest up tonight because the plan is to play in two poker games on Saturday.  The SSC is holding a NL tourney at 1pm.  That's the one where everyone smokes inside and there is no ventilation.  It makes for an interesting game because 75% really don't have a grasp on how to play NLHE other than the basic rules of play. (flush beats a straight)  But 25% of them (maybe a little less) really know how to play so each decision made is dependent on (even moreso than usual) who you are playing against.  I'm really looking forward to it.

After that my boy Noodles is holding a poker game at his house.  I didn't go to his last one so I am feeling pressured to play.  This game is good ole regular poker, dealer's choice but no texas hold em.  (Bah!)  They play games like 7 card stud, jacks or better trips to win, elevator, no peek, acey deucy (my fave!) follow the lady.  Games like that.  There is really no skill here.  They play for quarters and there is no checking so you bet or you are out.  It's more about luck than skill but I've been known to get lucky.  *grin*

Have I mentioned that Noodles' wife doesn't like me, nor does she like having poker played at her house.  Another factor that makes me not want to go over there.  First time I went over there he was having a BBQ and she pretty much didn't talk to me the whole time.  Okay......

Next time it was for a poker game and were set up to play in the dining room.  And it was a very dark dining room - so much so that were were straining to read the cards.  Someone asked if we could get a lamp to make it brighter.  "Nooooo you aren't moving things around!!!" Biatch.  There was  a sox game on that night so we asked if we could move a TV into the dining room to watch it.  Noodles starts to do just that until she starts screaming NOOOOOO at him. All I can say is I hope she's a good lay, cuz I don't know what else she'd be good for.

So of course my buddy Butch starts to lay into her.  "Karen, what are you doing in the other room, watching porn?"  "I hear moaning, it must be porn!"  "Karen I want ice cream.  Can you go to the store and get me a sundae?"  lol I thought she was going to explode.

I was thinking of making some refreshments for Noodles' game, as she would die before doing so.  Last time I went I brought calzone, but this time I'm thinking homemade cupcakes....maybe if she's too busy eating she'll leave us alone.

Play smart.


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GL with your poker tomorrow.