Monday, October 11, 2010

Chop Chop

It's about 5:30am and I have today off.  Well....I brought about 3 hours of work home with me, which I still haven't done yet, but other than that I have the day off.  I am THRILLED to have a Monday off....ummm...but not so thrilled to be up so early on my day off.  I've had maybe 5 hrs sleep so after I write this up I'm  gonna try for another 5 hrs. 

So the wacky kid slept over....All the boys that usually come over are kids I've known for years, but not this kid.  This was the 2nd time (and last time) I've met him.  Funny thing is he has the face of an angel.  Just goes to show you not to judge a book by it's cover.  I told you about his use of the C-word.  Well the visit didn't get any better after that.

The next nugget was his mention of the term t-bagging.  This frigging kid is 12 years old!  And he shoves his package in my son's direction and yells "Tbagging Evan!  Tbagging!".  Not a nice kid.

Not thrilled with his mother either, who I do not know.  She told her son she'd be by at 7pm to drop off some stuff (like a toothbrush) for him since he was sleeping over.  (and they live maybe less than 5 min drive away)

So now I worked on Friday and I'm itching to get in my jammies but I figure since I never met this woman before I'd stay dressed till she dropped his bag off.  So 7pm comes and does 8pm, 9pm...Finally at 11pm it dawns of me she isn't showing up and I put on my jammies, and give Nick a pair of Evan's pj bottoms cuz he's wearing jeans and a belt.  He says Nahhh that's okay.  I tell him he'll be more comfy and he says he always sleeps in his jeans.  ?!?  Whatever....kid can sleep in a hair shirt for all I really care, but that seems bizarre to me.

What was more bizarre is his mother never called that night, or the next day for that matter.  Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and the kid is still here and his mother never called him (or vice versa) and the kid had been here since after school on Friday.  It was almost 1pm and I asked him if he'd talked to her and when he said no, I said, call her and tell her to pick you up.  "okay...."  We had this conversation in my son's room.

Wanna know why?

I thought the boys were playing video games in the living room and I was getting running around getting ready to go to a poker game, and I happen to walk into Evan's bedroom and Nick is in there alone....going through the stuff in Evan's bureau!  Wtf!  I asked him what he was looking for..."nothing"...and then I told him to call his Mom.  Aftewards I told Evan about Nick going through his stuff and his response was that he'd seen him doing stuff like that before.  Nick's not allowed over any more.

Okay, we are up to Saturday afternoon.  I better stop being verbose, so I can get to bed!

Saugus Sportsman's Club.  Only 9 peeps, $50 entry and it was Gary, me, Cancer Al, Dave, Mary, 2 young kids, and 2 old guys.  I was doing fine....not playing many hands but winning the ones I did, until I got AA.

I NEVER (hardly ever) do this but I smooth called with them hoping to get a big chunk of chips after playing like 1 hand in the past hour.  There were 4 other callers and the flop was J-10-6.  I make a pot size bet and a young kid makes a big raise.  So big it's either Jam or fold.  I knew the big bet size meant a monster hand, but somehow talked myself into believing/hoping he'd make that kind of raise with A-J, but he had J-6 so he instacalls my jam.

I'm now praying for the board to pair, or for an ace but NOPE and I was out.  Gary btw was doing just fine.  I ate my pizza and left.  Gary ended up chopping 3 ways with the young boys.  Damn I wish I was one of the choppers.  Frigging aces...

Onto dealer's choice poker at Noodles house.

We ended up playing in the dining room again and guess what????  There's a TV in the dining room now!  There was a little inset cabinet and now a small flat screen TV is housed in there.  Perfect!  Plus the glow of the TV helped out the lighting.  :)  And Noodles' wife wasn't that me anyway. 

She kept coming in to check on us maybe every 20-30 minutes and when we started the TV was on the Yankees game.  Ugh. Butch asks for the remote and he puts on some college football.  So we're playing away, about 20 minutes go by and she comes in and says "Who changed the channel?"  She gets the remote and puts the Yankees back on.  lol  She's a big Yankee fan, (need I say more?) but it's not like she was staying in the room!  After she changes the channel she leaves for like another 30 min.  lol  So Butch kept sneaking the remote....

But that wasn't the worst part. 

The worst part is she has a little lap dog, Theo.  He's a rat yorshire terrier.  And she treats him like the baby Jesus, an infant.  Seriously. 

I am not a dog person, and that's an understatement.  I get how people love those little yappy constantly barking dogs but I do not.

This dog barked CONSTANTLY.  For 4 hours.   But really that was the best part of the dog.  The worst part was.....

......Oh my fucking God.  Hand one starts and I feel the dog around my legs.  Okay....I'm thinking must not kick dog as Karen would have me shot.  I gently nudge the rat away.  Rat comes right back and starts humping my foot under the table.


Nudge, nudge, nudge.

Now he's LOCKED on my leg and humping full speed ahead. So I kick him and knock him off.  Luckily Karen isn't in the room.  I say "Noodles, is your dog fixed?"  Right as he clamps right back on.  "Noodles, he keeps humping me!"

Noodles gets him off, but damn, HE WOULD NOT STOP.  I am not exaggerating when I say CONSTANTLY.  Distractions do not help.  Now the second he is on the ground he runs straight for me and starts humping.  Noodles tells me "Like father like son..."

So much so that we cannot play the game.  The kitchen area is next to us and there's a little doggie door that will hold him back so Noodles puts the dog there and the dog protests loudly, which brings Karen back.

She walks into the room saying "WHO IS YELLING AT MY DOG?"  Now I was doing a fair bit of screaming when I couldn't shake the fucker off so I dunno if she's talking about me, but when she sees the dog behind the doggie door she is pissed.  "You know he doesn't like being in there!"

Noodles (and everyone) explains about the constant humping so she has "a talk" with the dog.  (I shiat you not)  She says "I had a long talk with him and told him to behave."  She puts him on the floor, he makes a beeline for my foot and clamps on.  So much for the frigging talk.  She sees this.  Talks to him again and leaves.  WTF.

Only way to play was for Noodles to hold the dog on his lap. Seriously.  She's a douche.  Later on she came back and took the dog with her when she realized he would not stop. 

Oh I suppose I could tell you about the poker too.  :)

It was the usual, 53, 7 card stud poker, the cross...usually with plenty of wild cards.  My big pot of the night was jacks or better trips to win.  We played forever, and no one got trips or better for quite a while, and you have to ante before every hand, plus put in 50 cents for every opener so it was a big pot.  Finally someone else opened with jacks or better and I had 10s in my hand and caught a 3rd one!

There was about $40 in the pot!  I wound up $15 ahead for the night.  Would've been more but I dropped about $12 on acey deucy.  Ah well.

Oh yes I did!  I got my hair cut!  I'm not sure how much I like it, as I haven't styled it yet.  I got alot cut off.  It's sort of in between - not short but not long, and I wonder if a little more needs to be cut off.  My hair is "kinda wavy/curly" but now that most of the length is cut off, and alot of the weight, it has sort of sprung up and is curlier than I expected.  Oops! 

Here is an indication of just how much my sister cut off.

That's alot of hair.  It was like there was a wig on the floor!  I'm not sure if I"m panicked or not.  I'm going to blow dry it straight today and see how it looks.  If you don't see any pictures, that is a BAD sign.

I'm going to bed.



lightning36 said...

Always a bad situation when your kid is friends with someone you do not like. My daughter finally got away from one friend who was not good for her. They were even at different schools. However, due to online games and networking sites they still communicate. We put up with it, but hope that their interactions stay online only.

Gary said...

What you need to do is get Teabag Nick together with the dog. Sounds like a perfect match.

Josie said...


This kid is in the band with my son so he'll see him there but NOT HERE.

lol Gary!

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

You think he's bad at 12, wait until he turns 13. That's when boys are turn into the biggest shits. It'll last a couple of years, but like you said, not your problem.

Fuck I hate getting Aces cracked, especially with shiat like Jack-Six. The thing is, half the time, it doesn't matter if you make a raise or a smooth call--the donk with the Jack-six is still gonna call pre-flop...

Gary said...

Mikey's right - young thuggy punks turn in to old thuggy punks. This kid is on the B&E/Assault and Battery/Grand Theft Auto/Assault with a Deadly Weapon track. You want to do him a favor? Throw $5 in his commissary account so he can buy stamps whilst in prison.

Gary said...

Mikey's right - young thuggy punks turn in to old thuggy punks. This kid is on the B&E/Assault and Battery/Grand Theft Auto/Assault with a Deadly Weapon track. You want to do him a favor? Throw $5 in his commissary account so he can buy stamps whilst in prison.