Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's almost 1am so here is the world's quickest poker recap.

Live Poker:  Net winnings of $1!  I shiat you not.  It's $5 per game.  First game had 5 peeps for $25 total prize.  When it was down to 2 of us, we split and I got $12.  So I'm up $7 at this point.  Lost 2nd game so down another $5....down to $2, and then I had a $1 side bet with Noodles that I lost.  Big $1 winner!

I played The Mookie and was out early. 7 or 8 peeps, with Buddy making a late entrance.  I lost to Buddy when I flopped top pair and he turned a flush.

Then I played a $3 (90) person.  Got lucky 3 times when I went all in with 2nd best hand and caught miracle rivers.  3 freaking times!  Anyway I get short stacked when there are 14 peeps left and I keep hanging on...trying to make it to the money.  9 itm.  I finally get there and guess who else is at the final table?

Lucky Duck!

I had no idea he was in the game.  He had a few more chips than me, but I got lucky when my AJ sooted was up against AK.  I caught my flush and a bunch of insults from Mr. AK, but hey, that's poker.  I ignored him.  Imagine who has been known to run my gums.  I just figure it's a lose/lose situation.  Yeah he had the best hand preflop and yeah, I got lucky.  But doesn't he know by now that's part of poker?  Maybe insulting strangers makes him feel better.  I hope so.

Anyway, finally it was down to Me, Lucky Duck and some guy.  Ducky went out 3rd and then we were heads up.  And that's where I suck, suck, sucked.  We played heads up for about 15 minutes and although I had the lead for half the time, I just couldn't hold onto it.  Made a desperate move when I was short stacked and then I was out.

Clicky on snapshot for proof that I OWN Lucky Duck :)

Happy to get 2nd, yet why to feel so frustrated about it.  I should've finished the job.  Eh, there's always next time.

Play smart (like Lucky Duck and me).



KenP said...

Well, it is obvious that you need tutoring on HU play and I'm just the guy!

1. Get lucky
2. There is no number 2

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the ca$h. This result is proof that the best player doesn't always win!

Josie said...

Ken, I was very disappointed to lose heads up, and I'm open to any ideas to improve my game.

Mojo, xoxoxo

Wolfshead said...

When did you folks sign up for the Mookie? I was registered but when there were only 2 of us with 10 min to go I got out and hit the sack.

Josie said...

I signed up like 5 min before it started and there were only 3 including me.

Lucki Duck said...

Josie, I didn't give you those chips to LOSE! I went to bed thinking you had it sewed up.

Too bad.

The guy you rivered at the FT was hilarious! What did he expect you to do with A-J and less than 10 BB? Limp? Boy, he was pissed. Too funny!

I thought we were gonna be heads up when the villian pushed into my A-J. Who knew he'd have K-K?

Then the very next hand, you have Q-Q... geez. Guess I wasn't meant to win the tourney. Oh well.

Enjoyed pitchin' cards wit ya'!

See ya down the road.

Josie said...

Ducky, I thought I had it sewn up too. It killed me that that guy won.

And yea I have AJ sooted, I'm short, it's 3 way and he acts calls me every name under the sun for jamming with that. I was going to explain my reasoning, but it wouldn't have helped. He needs years of anger management so I let it go.

Fun seeing you at the final table - we rock!