Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I think I'm a $300,000 HO

Just got home from a long day at work.  Alot of deadlines coming up but the worst thing is our lack of cash.  I have a payroll to fund this Friday and it isn't looking good.  We are designing a new library and the town this library is in had been paying timely so I projected that we'd receive these funds, but we have not.  For months.  So 3 months later, I'm still waiting for my July and August payments and instead of working with the town like I had been, things have changed and I have to go through this "owner's rep" guy.  And I just don't like him. 

He keeps making me jump through hoops, so I jump, and then money.  He wants copies of all the invoices.  Done.  Then he says statements would be better.  Done.  Then he says he wants them in a different format, maybe in Word.  Done.  Nahhh that doesn't work, I should send them in Excel.  omfg.  Done.  Turns out copies of invoices aren't good enough, I should send him all the backup that goes with it, Pages and pages of back up.  Okay...  I respond to every request timely and efficiently and politely enquire about when I can expect payment and he has no answers.

So we have an inhouse meeting about our lack of cash and what our options are, and I get challenged to collect this goddamn money.  Obviously, being professional and providing proper documentation isn't getting me any answers, so I try a different tact.

I get another request from the royal PIA and instead of bending over backwards, I respond with.....

"You are my favorite OPM!" (owner's project manager)

He responds with "You're just saying that"..... ;-) (no shit sherlock)

And then lo and behold....he emails me, the client, and my boss with a letter approving all of the july and august invoices....not only that, but a report that shows both month's scheduled to be paid on the town's next check run!

Then he emails me this:  "I rock, don't I?  Just ask Ellen A..." 

I reply with "Now you're just showing off."

To which he sends a "Hahahhahaha I'll show you showing off!" 

A little while later everyone gets another report...he's added the SEPTEMBER invoices to the "to be paid" list.  He's gonna take care of all 3 months at once!  When my big boss saw that email he wanted to know how I did it, but I told him that he really didn't want to know.  ;)

Even though I dislike him, YES he rocks, YES he can show off for me all he wants, so long as he pays me the fucking money.  I guess that makes me a $300k whore. It just floors me that being professional didn't get me anywhere but a little "You're my favorite guy" crap and boom, he fixes everything.



KenP said...

You are my favorite blogger.

Did I mention that I love what you did to your hair?

You totalllllly rock!

I won't lower myself to asking for a check. A transfer on FT will work.

Josie said...

LOL Ken, I wouldn't mind paying for those comments at all! Money well spent!

PokahDave said...

Lightning and Waffles are totally deflated right now...wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaa.......

DrChako said...

Any woman who thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming about 10 inches too high. - Adrienne E. Gusoff

Men are such simple creatures. Yes, I include myself in the bunch.


Josie said...

I dunno Dr. C....I cook a pretty mean steak too.

Oh and this dude has already eemailed me like 3 times today and it's only 9:40am....300K may not be worth THIS!

BamBam said...

Once again my Brudder Chako.... beats me to a rather witty, yet very valid point.

No matter how you got it done though if I were your boss, I'd do my best to spread a little extra love your way for simply getting it done!

But then again, that's just how I roll.

Bayne_S said...

Act really clingy and he will disappear.

Warning this may not work with Waffles

Josie said...

Bayne, you crack me up. I will start acting clingy with BOTH.

The Neophyte said...

It's just like playin poker Josie. You gotta use all your assets at the table. Then take all their chips.

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

If you're gonna be a HO, might as well aim high and be a $300,000 Ho...

Josie said...

Mikey, 300K would be aiming low. :P