Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So remember when I dissed you guys to go to the Red Sox game with my buddy Brian?  We're at the game and he's telling me he's concerned about his daughter.  She's been gaining noticeable weight and he figures she's either pregnant or it's because of drinking.  Hmmmm He said he even went so as to get his sister to ask the daughter if she was pregnant (or fat) and the answer was NO.

She's in her 20's and lives with a new boyfriend.

You know where this is going, right?

He just called and said "I have big news! She was pregnant, but isn't anymore.  My mind immediately thinks she lost the baby or had an abortion......but NO.

She just HAD THE BABY.

She said she thought she might've been preggers and took a test a couple of months ago, but negative.  And yes she's had her period the whole time.  Last one was on August 1st!

So she doesn't feel well, she's having pain so she goes to the hospital.  First thing they do is a pregnancy test and it's negative.  Something is obv there so they do an ultra sound and see a big baby.

Then her water broke while she was there so she called her dad to say I'm preggers AND having the baby now.

Anyway, he's still in shock but it's a healthy baby boy. Doctors estimated her to be at 37 weeks.  So the unasked (well he asked) question was "Did she really not know she was pregnant?"

She had no prenatal care at all - no vitamins, no wellness checkups, nothing.  I really don't think she'd do that to her baby intentionally.  It's not like she's 14 and it's not like she lives with her parents.  But how could she not know?  How could she not feel that baby, kicking and jiving?

As I said to Brian, that's not the important thing now.  The important thing is you have a new nickname, Grandpa!!!

I LOVE babies!  I may have to kidnap this one.



DrChako said...

I've actually had a few patients who didn't know they were pregnant until very late in the game. Hard to believe, but true.


Josie said...

I never believed those stories but I do now.

Schaubs said...


I hope she wasn't drinking or even worse - smoking! throughout...

Josie said...

Schaubs, you're such a Dad already!!!

Yes, she was drinking throughout the whole thing! Brian mentioned THAT a few times but no smoking. And all the early tests show a healthy baby thank god!

Anonymous said...

Nice, an old school pregnancy and birth, just like it was when we were born back in the mid 60s.

Fuck, who needs prenatal care. I hope she smoked and drank the whole way through too.

I find this story to be AWESOME!

Josie said...

LOL Don you rock!

Yeah she drank through the whole thing - she doesn't smoke though. She did move and move heavy furniture - go figure.