Friday, August 13, 2010

Final Thoughts on The Very Josie

Mojo plows through every Very Josie (except the first one!) like a hot knife through butter and Wednesday night was no different.  I noticed early on that he was slightly shortstacked and I have to admit, it made me smile.

But sure enough he built it up until he was the chip leader.  (In the process Mojo's AK took out Waffles' KK) He remained chip leader going into a massive heads up battle with Ratdee.

Bit by bit Ratdee whittled Mojo's stack done until he had the lead.  Ratdee relentlessly raised and Mojo folded time after time.  Ratdee changed speeds repeatedly throughout the tourney and his aggression heads up won him the battle.  Well done.


Lightning sucks ass. (I'll get back to this latah)


1racerx, another guy who played The Very Josie, is someone I work with.  He just finished his thesis at the Boston Architectural College to become an architect.  Anyway, yesterday morning he stopped by to do a post mortem on his play.  He's very new to the game and I think he's getting better.  He took out Dionysus so he got a bounty which he was happy about.  He said later in the game, he would have a "playable" hand but someone (like me) would raise and he'd have to fold.  He lost alot of chips that way.

My question was "What's a playable hand?"  If you can't raise with it, you probably shouldn't be playing it.  Especially because he had chips.  He was well above average.  There's no reason to play risky since he already had them.  He said he limped and folded with Q-10, Q-J, 10-8 and, wait for it.......ace rag!  Argh!!  "Even if there wasn't a raise, do you really think the people who decide to play their hand have worse than Q-10?"

"No..." says Adam.

"Then why do you want to be in a hand where you start out most likely behind?  Is it because you think you can hit a lucky flop?"

"Yes..." says Adam, sheepishly.

I said that's not going to win poker tournaments.  That's called fishing not poker, and you didn't need to that because you had chips.

I gave him a piece of my mind on the ace rag hand, and of course his response was "But what if it's suited?"  I gave him my opinion, which is "I don't fucking care.  It's still a shit hand and it being suited improves it by about 2%."  Then he wanted to know where I got the 2% stat, and for the life of me I don't know where I got it! 

Does that seem reasonable to you guys?  Having 2 cards (ace rag) suited improves the hand by 2%?


I have the day off.  And I have a knee that I'm seriously thinking about taking a sledgehammer to.  On a scale of 1-10 the pain peaked at 427.  Holy crap!  It's been bad since that Red Sox game 2 Wednesdays ago - so over a week.  It might be slightly better today, so I don't want to make it scream.  I should be going in to get a cortizone shot in it, which will probably make the pain go away.

But I'm chicken.

My aunt just had a cortizone shot in her hip(?) and it didn't help so she went back for another one.  And this one killed for like a week.  The though of getting a shot in my knee where it's already sooooooo painful just makes me shudder. 

So because I'm kinda gimpy anyway, I'm going to use that as an excuse to play a tournament today while I"m home.

Play smart peeps.



lightning36 said...

"Lightning sucks ass. (I'll get back to this latah)"

Awww ... I was waiting to see what kind of crap you would write. Looks like you are learning from the Waffles School of Journalism.

Ah well ... just as well that we move on from the August VaJina tournament ...

Josie said...

Lightning, you suck ass! What more do you need to know? That I will teach you a lesson??? Lesson to come in the next mtt we play!

Wolfshead said...

get the shot, they can do wonders tho I don't think they're using cortizone these days. Just got one in my shoulder and it frees up the joint and eases the ache. Try it, you'll like it. Except when you get it it, that frikkin horse needle hurts like a bitch. My doc freezes the area first before he sticks it.

Josie said...

Except when you get it it, that frikkin horse needle hurts like a bitch.

Wolfie, that's the part that worries me!!! And it IS cortizone - at least that's what the ortho surgeon said. We'll see - maybe its better to get the shot when the knee isn't in agony.

Wolfshead said...

Well a lot of them still call it cortizone and maybe some still use it but my doc uses something with a big fancy name though it does the same thing, probably better. Just like people refer to antibiotics in general as penicillin even tho things have gone way past it. Actually it doesn't hurt that bad, especially when they numb and freeze the area. Main problem is that it has to go in to the joint itself which is what can be the part that might hurt. Believe me, it's a quick bit of pain and the relief sets in real fast.

Josie said...

Thanks for the info Wolfie. I'd be interested to know what stuff you get....see what my doctor thinks of it.

Thanks again.

Memphis MOJO said...

Anybody have a clue who this ratdee player is?

Josie said...

No idea Memphis. He told me he reads my blog and he likes and he's from Michigan. That's all I know. He's never commented before.

Mr. Ratdee, of the awesome poker skills, tell us more!

The Neophyte said...

Sorry to hear about your knee Josie. I have enough problems with mine to know you're having no picnic. Take it easy on them. Believe me they don't get better with age.

Josie said...

Thanks Neo Baby

Cricket said...

Hurts bad for a few, then relief. Maybe some soreness, but then it's over.
I say get it!!