Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lunchtime at the Architecture Firm


Well it's Tuesday afternoon and I'm eating lunch at my desk.  Funny enough, my lunch looks almost EXACTLY like the photo above.  And it's delish!  Have I told you I've started a protein shake diet supplement diet thingy?  It's going very well.  I subsititute one or two meals per day with this wicked gross shake and voila - slim Very Josie!  Well, not yet but it's a work in progress.  :)

An added bonus to drinking these shakes is since they are not very appetizing, when I have actual food, like today's salad, it's like I'm eating ambrosia.  Soooooooooo good.

The guy at GNC told me to mix ftuit or peanut butter in the shake to make it more palatable.  My first try was with the peanut butter, which if anything made it worse.  Next I tried mixing in frozen blueberries and that was good!  (well, good enough).  I think the tartness of the blueberries cuts the uber sweetness of the vanilla cream shake. 

The other benefit is that according to GNC guy I must workout before I drink the shake so I've been doing that....5-6 days per week!  Unheard of for me, but I'm doing it. 

The end product is my knee will hurt less, and that's the main goal right now.  Although it's a catch-22.  I cannot strain, bend or aggravate my knee, yet exercise is beneficial to my knee.

So I get home last night and do an awesome work out.....you know the kind where you think about quitting halfway through and then not only do you finish, but do even more than you planned on.  So I'm done and Sugar Bear is watching TV and I start watching while I contemplate making my dinner shake.

He was watching a tv show called Operacion Repo, which is on TruTV channel.  I hate that channel because the shows are not appropriate for a 12 year old IMO.  But Sugar Bear is like an attorney.  If he is forbidden to watch a show, I have to provide reasons in triplicate as to why, and then the debate begins.  Whatever valid reason I have, he tries to tear it apart.

I really was too tired for an argument and this show didn't seem all that terrible.........at first. But omg!  Those poor people!  Not only are they getting their vehicle repossessed, but if they say boo to these bullies they get beaten or pepper sprayed!  In the 15 minutes of the show I watched I saw about 6 people get pepper sprayed in the eyes at close range.  All the while the repo guys (who should really try my GNC shake) were complaining about the behavior of these poor folks.

Anyway 15 minutes into it, I decide I cannot watch people in pain, being bullied and harmed so I tell Sugar Bear to change the channel.  "Why?  What's wrong with it?  There's no swearing!"

I tried to explain how the violence on real people offended me, but it was difficult for him to comprehend.  Maybe it was because he would giggle and laugh every time someone got hurt!  wtf!  He found that funny?  Am I raising a serial killer?

Today when I googled it (yes the show bothered me that much) I found out that it's all FAKE.  Based on stories that are real, but they are all reinactments based on the repo men's memory.  Ugh.

We switched to Pawn Stars - one of the few shows we both like to watch.

OMG I still have most of my yummy lunch to eat....which I will do while reading Check Raising The Devil.  I'm about 30 pages in and it's soooooooooo good.  I may actually like Mike Matusow, poor guy.

Play smart,


PS - Speaking of playing smart, I am still steaming from my worst loss ever at Seabrook.  Grrrrr


lightning36 said...

You can visit the Pawn Stars shop while in Las Vegas, ya know. I went there last December:


The post also describes my first live interaction with Waffles. No wonder he thinks I am creepy. Muhahahahahaha.

SirFWALGMan said...

You should never take me to Seabrook again. :P. I am cursed!

Good job and good luck on the diet!

I was gonna tell ya Repo is fake! I was pissed when I found that out too. I guess if you went around pepper spraying people you would probably get arrested.

Josie said...

Lightning, does this mean I'm allowed on your blog again and it's no longer a Josie-Free Zone? :) Please say yes! I've been planning an apology post just for you, complete with Black Hawks Cheerleaders! Got the pics downloaded and everything!

Waffles, It's not you!!! But for some reason bubbling that sng, losing the tourney is just mind fucking me (pardon the expression). Both games, moves weren't terrible, but weren't smart enough AT ALL.

KenP said...

I saw that repo thing once. It is like watching a train wreck and the people must have been cast with the idea rednecks could look down on them. Unbelievably bad. Reality my ...

As to exercise and bad knee...

Try swimming. Great non-impact exercise. Local Y anywhere close?

Josie said...

Yeah, I LOVE swimming but alas, don't have a pool. The Y in Saugus only has an outdoor pool (how dumb is that) and is uber expensive....so it ain't happening.

Memphis MOJO said...

For a snack in the evenings, I make smoothies out of frozen fruit. A friend recommended I add protein, so I do now. If you have a blender, you can use just about any kind of frozen fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, fresh pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and grapes. I add a little juice or water, works great.

PokahDave said...

I just went there last night...pretty slow on a Monday of course. I was in the 80.00 no rebuy tourney. Of course I was retardo called by a dude that had a Q-9o. He called with an A-K-5 on the flop and I had Ad-Jd. Did I mention that I raised pre-flop? He turned a 9 and knocked me out with two pair. There were only 11 left. The play is no better than at Rockingham that is for sure. I had fun and finally found the place tho...we'll have to go sometime soon....

Josie said...

Dave you were there last night and didn't let me know???? I know what you mean tho - I bubbled cuz I KNEW when this guy limped he had SHIT so I jammed with my A-10 expecting to pick up the pot - he called with 8-9off and hit a pair and I was out.

I'll def go with you next time - I need my mojo back! Waffles is OUT and Dionysus is IN! LOL

Speaking of Mojo - Yeah I'm doing the frozn blueberries but I will branch out. Not a big fan of fruit though - I'm a veggie fan.

Josie said...

Oh and Dave,

Not blowing smoke up your a$$ but I think you're one of the best players I've been playing with online. Seriously dude.

You may notice that compliments from me are few and far between, so this may never happen again.

Wolfshead said...

Operation Repo? Girl, you just really want me to think you are lower than snail slime. I hate "reality" tv as it is but I can't even handle the commercial for that piece of whatever left by a dog after eating 2 pair of pantyhose and a box of prunes. Like the limbo says, how low can you go?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Protein shakes... you're a better woman than I am.

BamBam said...

Sex actually helps with knee pain and calories, just sayin'. Although with the right kind of sex, the knee pain could quite possibly increase. But then there is that whole "burnin' calories thingy!"

To knee or not to knee, that IS the question!

Thanks for being on my team! I feel better about the whole thing already.

Josie said...

Wolfie, Its not like I enjoyed the show!

Linda, Nah, it's just a temporary thing, BUT GUESS WHAT? I've been adding more and more YOGA to my routine. Pretty soon I'll be doing stand up. lol. jk

Bam Bam, LOL You are sooo right. Some things are worth a little knee pain. ;)

Big-O said...

J--Wanna healthy smoothie recipe?
I confess I haven't tasted it, but it sounded pretty good and the story behind it's creator I thought interesting.....Big-O

Josie said...

Big O, I am intrigued.

Big-O said...


Josie said...

Big O, No wonder you haven't tasted it!

It's just too much "stuff" that results in a 32 oz drink. Um that's half a gallon. Too much volume even if it tasted good. Thanks though. I appreciate it.

PokahDave said...

Josie....I can hear the collective laughter of the internets after your flattering comment. It may be sarcastic but I'll take it! I am registered for the PokerWit tourney...see you there!