Saturday, August 21, 2010

44 Is The New 34

Well it's official.  I'm old.  Thank goodness I don't look it!  :)

I had a very nice birthday and got a few poker books!

Checkraising the Devil  is the autobiography of Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.  I cannot wait to start reading it.  It's supposed to be gritty and true account of his experiences with poker, drugs, etc. 

Cricket got me this book:  Outplaying The Boys which seems to be tips for women who are playing against men.  I dunno that there is much to learn from this book, but I'll be reading it as soon as I'm done with Mr. Matusow.  The book got me thinking, that I could probably write a book on the subject myself. :)

I'll do a write up on both when I'm done.

Here's a few pictures of me and Sugar Bear.

Yeah, I know it's blurry.

Sugar Bear gave me these earrings for my birthday.

What a great day.  Tomorrow should be a good day too.  Mama's going gambling.

Play smart.



MorningThunder said...

Happy Birthday

KenP said...

44, eh? Well, you are known for being redundant. And, Lightning tells me the single digit is right where he places your chat age.

So, keep motoring toward the double nickles -- where the wheels really start to fall off.

OK, keeping it to just looks and speed limits, yeah, you could qualify as Miss School Zone.

Josie said...

LOL Thanks guys!

The Neophyte said...

Happy Birthday Josie
You know this means that any pocket 4's you get today have to be pushed like Aces. Hopefully that works better for you and 5-10 worked for me.
By the way my wheels fell off at about 46 so keep that in mind. Looks like you got some good books to read. The Matusow one is very good.

Josie said...

Thanks Neo Baby!

I never even thought of it, but I will play 4-4 hard and we'll see if it pays off.

Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy the new books and GL gambling. Heck, 44 is just another number -- wait until you're my age and you'll really be whining.

The Neophyte said...

Oops, I meant to say, hopefully that works better for you THAN 5-10 worked for me.

Cricket said...

Smoooth sailing on the felt today!!
Oh, and I want my copy autographed!

Love <3

Big-O said...


KenP said...

Neo, your remark approaches infantile. You sound like an 11 year old.

Schaubs said...

happy b-day Josie!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Josie! You sure as hell don't look 44--seriously, I thought you were in your early 30s. Here's to a fantastic year!

Josie said...

Awww thanks Linda! You've made my day!

PokahDave said...

Happy belated birthday!....