Monday, August 23, 2010

Poker and Waffles

This story does not have a happy ending.

I went up to the Seabrook Poker Room with my pal and yours, Waffles.  The plan was to play in the 7pm $100 NLHE tourney, but we got there early so we could play a sng first, and perhaps win the buyin.

First hand Waffles raises 5x the BB and gets some action.  Flop is A-K-9. There are bets and raises and an all in jam.  Waffles instacalls and I'm thinking he has either pocket aces or kings.  He turns over pocket aces and doubles up.  Woot!

Both of us are doing pretty well.  I lose some chips to Waffles when I raise with A-Q sooted and he re-raises 4K.  Now we only got 5k in starting chips, so that really hurt.  I figured I have to jam or fold.  Fucking Waffles putting pressure on me!  I FOLD my hand and he shows QQ.  Meh.

Playing away and there are 5 of us left - 3 are itm.  Waffles and this other guy (we'll call him Idiot) are the huge stacks at the table and are in a hand heads up.  Waffles raises pre and flop is Kxx (with 2 diamonds).  Waffles bets and Idiot jams all in.

Waffles goes in the tank.  The all in jam was huge, because Idiot had just a little more than Waffles.  Waffles finally calls and show A-J diamonds for the nut flush draw, as well as other outs but alas, he was out 5th.

One hand later Idiot limps and I have Ace Ten.  I KNOW he doesn't have better than ace ten so I jam preflop with like 6500 in chips (hoping to pick up the blinds and limp).  Idiot calls my all in with 8-9.  There was an 8 on the flop and I was freaking bubble!


Tourney was not much better, and quite frankly it's too late to relive the misery.  I didn't get much and A-J was the hand that killed me when the flop was jack high.  I jammed after the flop and got called by QQ (who smooth called preflop).

Waffles was at another table for the tournament, but he lasted alot longer than I did.  Funny enough, his last hand, the one that knocked him out of the tourney, was AA - same as his first hand! 

However, AA is no match for K-9.  Mr.K-9 flopped a K-9-X kinda board and Waffles was out.  Such a bloody shame.

It was alot of fun though. Well, the SNG was fun.  I'm still steaming from the tournament.
Play smart.



KenP said...

I am not saying I do it often enough but when I'm playing well and without a testosterone rush, I do. (avoid it women; you don't want the mustache.)

Daniel Negreanu calls it small pot poker. It isn't exciting. Doesn't make for blogs or at least only the boring, typical bad beats that are a blog fixture.

You are playing a maniac that can call you with a lot of hands; lose; retain the chip lead.

Guessing right with AT as you did gets you the typical 44:56 type of odds. Your risk reward is 1:0. It appears you were out of position.

Your assignment, should you choose to take it, is to honestly explain why it was a bad idea. This tape will self-destruct in 30-seconds.

You can send the $ to my paypal account.

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

My AA just got crushed by QQ about five minutes ago... grrrr....

Bayne_S said...

Cash Hand if playing with proper bankroll guidelines you want to flip as 56-44 favorite as Las Vegas was built on a smaller house edge.

Tourney since you were one who jammed play is fine, calling as 56-44 favorite for all chips would be bad.

If you are not picking up a few uncontested pots you will just blind out.

Like waffles