Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why did the Mexican put his wife on the train tracks?


Me, last night!

I played in the home tournament at Lynne's house last night.  There was a good showing, 18 players with 3 in the money.  Unfortunately, I got there a little too early so I proceeded to drink wine in her backyard while we waited for the horseshoe tournament to be over.

And yes, I pretty much had to hug EVERYONE.  I thought I'd get away with hugging the hostesses (Lynne and her wife June) but one by one, they came by with open arms.

So my plan heading into this tournament was to play tighter and more conservative than normal.  These guys know how I play.  20% are good players and 80% pure donks.  I wanted to mix it up for the 20%. 

I started out following the plan.  What didn't figure into the plan were the tequila shots.  All the brothers and sisters were doing them so I figured what the hell.  I'm just not used to doing shots.  Oh and they were done without a lime chaser!  "Limes are for pussies" I was told.

So I didn't play many hands.  I did raise with 5-5 and the flop was 5-J-X.  We started with 10K in chips.  Brian bets 500.  In my drunken state I attempt to raise 1k on top for a total of 1,500 but instead I through in my 5k chip.  Duh!  Brian promptly folded.  Had a fish on the line and I let it get away.

No more mixing shots and poker.

My demise was having an overpair I shoved with.  I shoved against this idiot called Pinto who happened to have a full house at the time.  Buh-bye.

All the boys were begging me to hang out and wait for them at the cash game.  Ugh, I just wasn't feeling it but I didn't wanna disappoint.  Troy promised me a ride home.  Hmmmm drunk black man will drive me home....I dunno.

Lynne has an awesome backyard with horseshoe pits and a fire pit.  So she and I hung around the fire and drank, toasted marshmallows and talked.  Really talked - like you can only do when you've had a few too many.  She was lecturing me on life being too short.  Carpe diem! 

I hated leaving her by herself at the fire, but the brothers were calling!  I didn't wanna disappoint but like I said I wasn't feeling it.  I sat there a while, maybe played one hand and left for the backyard again.  Left down $7.  BFD 

I'm going to try my hand at those full tilt steps again and see where I get.  Oh, and I won't be drinking tequila when I do it!

Did I mention that it was Sugar Bear's birthday?  He turned 12 years old on Friday.  If you're one of my facebook friends you already know this.

We went to Water Country with a couple of his friends.

Me, at the beginning of the day


Birthday Boy

Here's the birthday cake - This is my attempt at the Monster Energy drink logo.

(he didn't like the flowers on the sides)

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Birthday to SB!

Wolfshead said...

12 huh? Slightly younger than my daughter who was 12 back in Nov. Wouldn't really mind the 12 if it wasn't for the fact that when I was your age she was only 2. What can I say, late starter.

As for lime with tequila it ain't really gonna make a difference as to whether you get buzzed, or worse, or not. In fact it ain't even gonna slow you down by diluting anything. As for it being for pussies actually lime or lemon with tequila comes from the days when most tequila was poorly made, it was there to cover the taste. A really good tequila is no different than drinking a really good bourbon or other good whiskey. Unfortunately I kind of like the agave taste that you get from the mid range brands not to mention I find the whole citrus, salt and booze thing fun as long as people aren't pretentious about it.

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

Just an FYI... If you throw in *one* oversized chip without declaring a raise, it's just a call.

Of course, being banged up on tequila probably doesn't help. Heh.

Josie said...


What I did was say "I raise" and threw in a 1000 chip and a 5000 chip, instead of what I intended, which was 1000 and 500. I declared a raise, but not how much.

Wolfie, this tequila could definitely use a little lime.