Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Very Josie is TONIGHT

I'm still steaming from my last tourney, so now is the time to play The Very Josie - while you have an actual chance to outlast me.  But be warned, I'll be coming out with guns blazing.  No alcohol, no excessive chatting, and no home game.  You guys are DEAD MEAT.

Winner gets a Very Josie certificate with these girls on it

I've never won my own tournament, although I've come in the money quite a few times.  I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember blaming Memphis MOJO for this phenomenon.  He seems so nice when he isn't playing poker.

To find the tourney just find me:  veryjosie

Be ready for some ninja like poker.  Lightning Bug doesn't stand a chance.

Play smart.



Wolfshead said...

Maybe, if I don't go live again. Was planning a live trip early to be back in time but I slept in so if I go I won't be back in time. We'll see

Josie said...

Wolfie - Take a day off from Live. This is gonna be alot more fun...we'll even have cup holders! lol jk. Seriously, play The Very Josie can always play live, but you don't often have an opportunity to play WITH ME!

Wolfshead said...

Babe, you really don't want to hand me lines like that

Josie said...

Ha! Sure I do. Seems like you're still better play!

I have a feeling screwing up the schedule will lead to very few players tonight.

Wolfshead said...

Maybe. Besides, my live play gets restricted in a few days. Daughter back down for another few weeks so no live. Maybe this will teach you to keep your priorities straight before you start screwing with schedules. And should I get my handcuffs and other accoutrement for playtime.

Josie said...

Handcuffs? Honey, you're gonna have to buy me dinner first.

Wolfshead said...


You don't need dinner if it's handcuff time

Josie said...

LOL You win. (certainly not at poker though)