Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Word Verification

I hate word verifications.  In order to post a comment (and you guys know I love to comment) the majority of blogs require a word verification.

Oh my aching balls (I really don't have any) what a goddamn pain in the ass that is.  Every damn time.  And they can't be common words.  Oh no!  These are polysyllabic atrocities like......


I only wish I was making these words up but I am not.

Today's was just priceless though.  I commented on Morning Thunder's blog and the word verification was......wait for it.......................shotgism.

I was like - does that say.....SHOT GISM.  Really?

I wanna meet the guy (and most surely it's a guy) who's job it is to make up these words.

Then I want to kill him.



MorningThunder said...

I requested that word specifically. That and blowism and nutixm.

Josie said...


Gary said...

I actually Googled the word to see if it had a legitimate definition. I won't do it again - but Josie, be of good cheer: for the next little while, anyone who googles "shot gism" gets you as results one and two. You must be so proud.

Josie said...

LOL Gary, It's been like that for a while. ;)