Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Time Winner for The Very Josie

But it wasn't me. (I am literally pouting as I type this)

Even though it wasn't me it was a helluva lot of fun.  It was a smaller game than usual - 11 peeps on 2 tables.  I started off a little slow, but then gained chips slowly, only to lose them at the final table.

I got the kiss of death when Waffles predicted someone going out 6th, but he actually went out 7th.  I NICELY point this out to him and I hear "You're going out 6th then."  The fucker - and yes I went out 6th.  I shoved with 7-7 and got called by Q-Q. At least I lasted longer than Lightning36.

Waffles and Wolfie were chip leaders for the first half of the tourney.  And even though Wolfie had a ton of chips Waffles kept predicting a 5th place finish for the Wolfster.  Funny enough, Waffles came in 5th instead.  Did he get sucked out on alot?  Yes.  It was awesome.  :P

My friend and yours, Hurricane Mikey, played for the first time!!!  Unfortunately he wasn't at my table so I didn't get to play with him.  He was shortstacked early but held on for quite a while.  He played even though I think he had a home game going on later.  Thanks baby! 

Fucking Mojo. (I'll get back to this later)

So lets get to the end of this game.

I'm out 6th (thank you Wawfuls).  Waffles is out 5th.  Wolfie Baby is the bubble and out 4th.  Did he win any money?  No!  But he played better than Ive ever seen him play.  Must be all the live action he's been getting. (no not that kind you pervs)

So we are down to my boy Lucky Duck, Fucking Mojo (you know I'm crazy about you) and this new guy I dunno called Ratdee. (I'd change the Rat name, but that's me)

Pretty much down to the elderly, you know?  :)

Now I dunno how old Ratdee is, but I'm making an assumption here.

Okay I gotta go - I'll finish this in work....Are you dying to know who won?


KenP said...

No, I'm not dieing to know.

Mojo may be old but he ain't slow. And he doesn't need teasers like the nightly news. He just announce results.

Age again trumps -m-o-u-t-h- looks.

(Sorry but you crappy interface doesn't allow strike through so I had to wing it.)

Josie said...

Fine Ken, Since you dont want to wait for the next post - I will tell you Mojo and Ratdee went heads up FOREVER. Mojo had more chips for a long time but Ratdee finally took it down and won The Very Josie. And it was his first time playing.
(beginners luck obv) JK Ratdee - well done!

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for hosting the tournament.

Fucking Mojo. (I'll get back to this later)


Ratdee played great. He was good at shifting gears - first passive, then overly aggressive.

Josie said...

Yes you! But I mean it with affection - I still gotta post about how well you and ratdee played. Stay tuned.

Wolfshead said...

What the hell are you talking about. For once Waffles had no reason to rant. He was the sucker much more than the suckee last night