Monday, August 30, 2010

Pokerwit VS. Bam Bloggers KINDA LIVE Blogging

Game is about to begin!

Keep Flopping Jew, Lightning, HeffMike, Pinky stinky and a couple of unknowns are at my table.

Just got pocket aces against Yor666 but i didn't show.  Raised pre, bet flop and got called.  bet pot on turn and he folded.

Oh and Lightning is the early chip leader with about 2k.  I have about 1,700.

Update:  I still don't know who won but Congrats to Gary, who I hear came in 4th place - ITM!!!


The Poker Meister said...


Josie said...

Oh yeah....PushMonkey put a bounty out on ME! The nerve of that guy. He's no longer allowed to comment here! Wait a minute! What am I like, Wimpy Lightning? Nahhhh he can comment here all he wants!

Nice going Floppy - you stopped me in the midst of my comeback!

Gary said...

thanks jo!

Josie said...

Gary, not only did you cash, but you took out WAFFLES! lmao! I was goading him via im but couldn't get him to rant! :(

Schaubs said...

Great live blog!



Josie said...

Schauby, I KNOW. But I'm in work - so it is what it is.