Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurricane Season No More

An era has come to an end. 

It's Monday morning and I just did what I've been doing every Monday morning for the last couple of years. 

-Come into work
-Check work email
-Get a cup of hazelnut coffee
-Read Hurricane Mikey's blog while I get ready for the day ahead


Mikey is as addicting as the caffeine I'd ingest while reading him.  And heaven forbid there was no new post waiting for me on Monday.  I'd be reclicking him all day waiting for my fix.

I loved reading the blog of a poker dealer in Las Vegas.  I'm a poker girl so why wouldn't I?  But if you've read Mikey, you know there's alot more to his blog than poker.  Hell, a girl could be waiting weeks for a post with actual poker content, but that didn't matter, as long as Mikey was posting something.

I enjoyed ALL the posts, regardless of poker content.  There were posts about:

-His trips to Costco to buy Mexican Coke, trail mix and cashews
-March Mayhem
-Hazelnut Coffee
-Jigsaw Puzzles
-That crazy biatch, Marcie
-Purchasing his health and beauty products online (coconut body wash)
-Melancholy Christmas posts
-Peanut butter balls
-Book reviews (I just finished reading Mike Matusow's Check Raising The Devil because of Mikey's review)
-Food Pron (no this is not a typo)
-Cocktail waitresses
-Stripper that looked like Reggie Lewis* Funniest frigging story EVAR
-Guest bloggers like VERY JOSIE.  You guys know the first thing I ever wrote about poker was posted on Mikey's blog.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was.

As much as I loved the posts about poker I came to realize that it was the writing I loved most of all.  Mikey's writing would take me far away from the office.  Now that's a frigging gift that keeps on giving.

Anyway, now Mikey is on his way to Tennessee.  Gone from Vegas but surely not gone from blogosphere.  Even still - When I read his post this morning I got the same uneasy feeling I got when he "decided" to up and take the summer off from blogging. (obviously he didn't consult me about THAT).

Ugh, it could be weeks until Mikey blogs again.  And yes I read many blogs every day now but they don't have that Mikey voice that lulls me into contentment.  (btw I am talking about his literary voice, but he has a damn nice real voice too)

God speed Mikey!  And after you've settled in for a day or two you might wanna plug in the ole laptop and write up a post.  For those crazy reclickers.  I'm just sayin'.

And for my readers....if you wanna read the funniest shit EVER.  READ THIS  It's Mikey's post about a crazy weekend and a stripper that reminded him of Reggie Lewis.  It does not end well.  Soooo funny.

Sweet Mama

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Josie said...

Um, the stripper was a Reggie MILLER look alike, not Reggie Lewis Look alike.