Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poker Team Challenge

Blogger team (in my mind)

Monday night I'm playing a private tournament with Bam-Bam.  It's Bam-Bam's team of bloggers vs. Pokerwit professional poker players.  Bah. 

You guys know how this is going to end up, right?  We are going to kick serious ASS.  I've been playing some tourneys in preparation and last night I came in 2nd place in a 135 peep rush game.  Mama's ready!

Bammer is looking for more team members so sign on up!

 All you have to do is find me (veryjosie) and you will find the tournament.  You can just watch me kick ass, or you can play on my team!  Me, Riggsy, Bammer, Lightning, PinkyStinky, Dr. Chako, Schaubsy, Smokkee, Waffles...With a stacked team like that, I'm kinda feeling bad for the poker pros up against us. (not really)

Monday Night at 9pm ET

In honor of our host Bammer, I plan on playing in a Bedrock type outfit shown below:

Me or Raquel Welch....

Oh DDionysus! Bammer needs your help.  Sign up baby!

See ya Monday night!

What Team Bammer really looks like

Play smart.


PS.  Looks like someone Canadian owes me a drink!


Gary said...

I'm in.

Josie said...


Memphis MOJO said...

Does it have a password?

Josie said...

Oh yeah - Good question Mojo! Password is bammir!

BamBam said...

I'll make it two drinks.
One for each 36D.


Thanks hun!

The Poker Meister said...

I'm gonna try to play.