Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Square One


I have been sucking big time at tournment play and bleeding money when Waffles, poker and jogging maniac, cut through the b.s. and asked me a question.  "Do you want to play for fun or to make money?  What is your primary goal?"

Since my answer was "make money" he suggested I play (10) $1 one table games and track my progress. (and build up my bankroll in the process)

Game 1 - 3rd place, net win .60
Game 2 - 1st place, net win $3.30
Game 3 - 2nd place, net win $1.50
Game 4 - 1st place, net win $3.30
Game 5 - 7th place, net loss -1.20
Game 6 - 8th place, net loss -1.20
Game 7 - 5th place, net loss -1.20
Game 8 - 4th place, net loss -1.20
Game 9 - 8th place, net loss -1.20
Game 10 - LOST (I forget which place) net loss -1.20

All that totals a net profit of.......wait for it.........a whopping net profit of $1.50.  I'm pleased that I ended up ahead...actually more pleased than I thought I'd be.  That being said losing those last 6 games in a row was very frustrating.  Especially considering that I cashed in the first 4 games.  No bad beats in those games, but incredible bad beats in the last few. 

The plan for these 10 games is to play ultra tight.  I must admit that I was most tight in the beginning games and a little lax in the latter games.  Hmmmm maybe that has something to do with the trend.

Below are some details of each game.

Game 1:  Ultra tight is an understatement.  I don't play a hand until the blinds are up.  First hand I play is AJ.  I raise and get one caller.  Flop is A-J-X rainbow.  I bet and get called.  Turn is a 9.  I check raise and jam all in.  He instacalls with A-9 and I double up.  

Game 2: Call a short stack all in (285 chips) with 7-7 and one other person calls too.  Check to the river. K-3-Q-4-10.  The all in shortie had 6-6 and the other person who called his all in had 2-10 - fricking rivered!  I then lose half my stack with 10-10 when the villian has A-J.  I work it back up to 3K.  Then take out J-J when he doesn't raise till after the flop (Qxx) and I have queen rag so I call. 

Game 3:  First thought going into this is maybe I should up the ante.  I mean I cashed in the first 2 games, but that isn't what I said I'd do so I still with the boring $1 games.  For some reason they don't seem all that boring today.  Maybe it's because I want to win!!!!  I lose a couple of hands then smooth call with AA. ( I normally always raise with this).  Flop is Axx.  Check raise!!!  He folds before we get to see the river and I'm the chip leader.  Stay ultra patient until I get KK and take 2 people out. (flop was queen high).  When we are heads up I raise with A-Q and villian jams with A-5 sooted.  Of course I call and of course he gets a flush on the river.  Now I'm shortstacked and jam with 77.  I get called by J-10 (used to be my fave hand)....10 on the flop and gg very josie.  2nd place.

Game 4: Focusing on playing solid and tight.  When we are down to 4 peeps I have 4,555.  I will cash in this.  I raise with AK and someone jams.  I think about what Waffles has said about Mojo calling a jam with AK and we're waiting to be in the money.....Hmmmm.....fuck it, I call.  I'm up against A-10 and my hand holds up.  ITM baby! I play 2 monster hands in the next few minutes and win 1st place.

Game 5:  First hand I play is KQ diamonds.  Ulta tight?  No, and it bites me in the ass.  Flop is 10,10,2 with 2 diamonds.  He bets and I call.  Turn is x - check, check.  River is the ace of diamonds!  Nut flush baby! He jams all in and of course I call.  He has a full house - 10s full of aces.  Out 7th.  Boo!

Game 6:  Another bad beat - big raise with A-Q and one caller.  Flop is A-Q-10.  He can't have K-J, can he?  Yes, I found out after I was busted that he did have K-J dammit. 

Game 7:  Short stacked so I jam with 3-3 and chip leader calls with J-Q.  I cannot tell you how hopeful I was when the flop missed him, and when the turn missed him my hope was compounded - only to be rivered.

Game 8:  A killer.  Big big raise with QQ as I don't want ace rag called me and sucking out.  I get one caller.  Flop is 7-3-9.  I want to end this right here while I have the best hand.  All in after the flop.  He calls and show 8-7.  Ha! BFD! Except turn is a 6 and river is a 10.  Rivers a straight.  FML!

Games 9 and 10 ended pretty much exactly like game 8.  Such killer bad beats. 

I think playing ultra tight gave me a sense of entitlement - like I shouldn't get sucked out on cuz I have the best hand dammit!  But every poker player knows that the best hand preflop and even post flop isn't always the winner.  There are two more cards to come unless you can get that villian to fold.

I enjoyed this exercise and I think it helped me to remember how to play a little more selectively than I had been.  And I KNOW I played the first 5 games much tighter than the last 5.  The results of playing tight are as plain as the nose on my face.

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

The results of playing tight are as plain as the nose on my face.

You mean play like a little old man?

lightning36 said...

I think it means she has a big nose or sumfin ...

KenP said...

"wait for it.........a whopping net profit of $1.50"

A 15% return isn't adequate?

You played 10 and paid between $1 and $1.50 in rake. You don't have a rakeback account, do you? I think FT rake is 27% and that a better % return than you are showing and has zero risk. And forget micro and mid-level play. The rake kills the idea of profit at those levels. You need to put real cash up on the table.

Sorry, kid. No pat on the head. No commiserating. If you were really playing for fun, that isn't working. If you are playing to make money, you're doing it without thought. If that's the case then someday you can hope to qualify for the book in question. But there is a need for remedial work to get there.

Oh and if you are sincere about your goal then stop blogging. You are giving away your play to people who could read it and use it against you.

P.S. Watch yourself. Waffles is a carrier the equal of Typhoid Mary.

Josie said...

Mojo, No I don't play like a little old man, and neither do you.

Lightbulb, I do NOT have a big nose.


No, 15% return is NOT adequate, and no I don't have a rake back thingy yet. Gonna work on that this week.

Yes, I'm serious about my goal of making money, but I disagree about needing to quit blogging. I've gotten alot of good info from the blogging community that has helped me.

Thanks for the heads up about Waffles! Heh.