Monday, April 18, 2011

What I did this weekend

You know I wasn't playing online poker right? 

I slept.  All.  Weekend.  Long.

I've always read that you can't like live on too little sleep and then try to make it up all at once.  It doesn't work that way, or does it?  I was overly tired all week long, but had a good 8 hrs sleep on Friday night.  Got up for a while on Saturday and then went right back to to bed and slept until my sister came over at 6pm and out we went.  Home by 9pm and back to bed by 11pm.  Then I slept till 10am.  Between Friday night and Sunday morning I slept for 23 hrs.  I shiat you not.  And that is soooo not me but I obv needed it.

Hmmm what else is going on? Ummmm not too much....

Red Sox are actually on a 2 game winning streak!  Woot!  And are playing as I write's hoping for the hat trick!

Oh and the Boston Marathon is going on too.  Very exciting stuff if you're watching (or running ) but not so much if you're stuck in work.  I'll catch snippets on the news, but it's just not the same.  If I was home on Patriot's Day I'd have the race on TV from start to finish....keeping my eye on those Kenyans.  lol 

Marathon running is such an incredible example of endurance which I find fascinating and inspiring.  Too bad marathon sleeping isn't a sport.  You can be sure I'd be one of the "elite" sleepers.  I can see it now.  Me, with sleep wrinkles on my cheek, a bit of drool running down, as the camera pans on me. 

"Can she make endure the 26.2 miles hours of sleep?  Word on the street is she just did 23 hrs last weekend on a whim!"


PS.  My thoughts are with the bloggers and peeps in the Carolinas.  Hope you all are safe, especially TripJax and Muchtim.  I heard North Carolina was hardest hit.  Boo!


Memphis MOJO said...

I lived in Raleigh for 21 years. The friends I've talked to were all okay -- a tree down here or there, but nothing serious.

lightning36 said...

I thought there was no rest for the wicked?

Just sayin' ...

Josie said...

Glad to hear it Mojo.

+1 Lightbulb

Wolfshead said...

Cake and Merge networks are still up and running

Josie said...

Yeah Wolfie, I heard about Cake, but for how long? I think it's dumb to sink fresh money into a new site, when it may be the next to get seized.

Mama already has hundreds of dollars frozen in FT and about 60 cents frozen in Stars.