Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All In

After about 2 months of no exercising I'm back.  My plan is to do both cardio and free weights 5 days per week, and I just kicked it up a notch (or 3) by getting Shecher Shape Ups.  When I wear them it feels a bit like walking on red bull cans so it makes you constantly use your leg and core muscles to keep your balance.  Reviews for them are both positive and negative so I don't know what their impact actually is.  I can tell you that I live on a hill in the middle of a hilly area of Saugus, so walking hills with these shoes is a freaking killer.  I come home drenched in sweat, like it's been downpouring.  As much as it's been killing me (and my knees) tonight I actually went further than I had been and I cut about 2 minutes off, which means I'm going faster!

I just hope it doesn't hurt my already hurting knees.  The fact of the matter is I have no cartilage in my knees so the orthopedic doctor told me to avoid hills and stairs so as not to get my knees acting up.  But he also said to strengthen my leg muscles, which support my knees and that will lessen the pain.  And that's exactly what the Shape Ups claim to do; support joint health by strengthening surrounding muscles.  Besides, Kim Kardashian uses them!  Um, have you SEEN her?  Obv she would be an ugly old cow, were it not for her Skechers Shape Ups.  lol  Last night my knees were inflamed so badly, I could barely walk, but I elevated them, used a little ice and ibuprofen and went out again tonight.  Only one is hurting right now.  :(  I def felt worse last night so I think it's key to keep going.

Work is out of control.  I'm always busy but in addition to my usual stuff, all this other stuff is going on:
1.) It's month end, which is my busy time.
2.) Our fiscal year ends May 31st so its year end too.
3.) Since January 1st we've hired maybe 25% more employees so there are alot more projects going on, which means alot more contracts, meetings etc.  Because I'm so good at saving project multiples all the managers want me to fix their stuff.  I'm working on jobs that are finishing up as well as projects just starting up and it's nuts.  Keep in mind that to be properly ready for a meeting, there are hours of prep work prior to it then hours attending it.   I easily lose days of productivity that are hard to make up. So it's busy but a good busy I suppose.

Also, I've been putting this on the back burner but Red Sox 101 will be starting by next week.  It's an online sports site all about the Red Sox and Gary a/k/a Crafty Southpaw has asked me to be a contributor/sports writer!  Coolio, right?  I've committed to about 4 articles per week, which is nuts, but I'm going to give it my all.

Witch hair - Um, I have jet black hair!  You may think there isn't a big difference between brown hair and BLACK hair, but trust me there is.  HUGE difference and it's all my fault.  I picked the color and it was called "dark chocolate" which I figured meant brown.  NOPE.  Apparently "dark chocolate" is synonymous with "jet black witchy poo hair".

My new look

I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail to minimize the number of black cats following me home.  Oh....and I wore a bruins hat to Seabrook on Saturday night too and that helped.  Have I mentioned my Seabrook trip?  No?  Have I mentioned poker poker poker?  No?  Well I'll tell you all about it in my next post.  Although 5 minutes into the tourney the man sitting in the 7 seat (I was in the 6) peers down beneath the bill of my cap and says "Is that you?"  Hmmm......I answer "Yes, I think it's me" with a laugh.  He said he recognized me but forgot my name and asked why I hadn't been around in so long. 

It was a 4 table tourney and even though I had 15k at first break (we started with 10k) I was out before the final table.  Hell, I was out before it was down to 2 tables.  I played 2 critical hands that didn't go my way.  I went completely on my reads, which were sound, but then got rivered.  TWICE.  Such is poker.  I promise to get into the details of those 2 critical hands in my next post.  It's getting late, my knees is starting to demand attention, I'm dog tired and I have a couple of other pokery things I want to mention.

Poker Stars is paying off people's cash accounts!  Woot!  I had about $2 in my Poker Stars account so I didn't give a fark about PS paying out until I read JamyRocksHawk.  His post said they were paying out the SCOOP tickets too!  OMFG! So instead of getting two bucks I'm getting a little over $250!  Woot!  That frigging rocks!  Hopefully Full Tilt will soon follow suit.  I worry that they haven't yet and hope it isn't because they don't have enough liquid assets (cash money) to pay out all those US donkeys.

Speaking of Donkeys.......HeffMike is holding a private home game on Poker Stars Sunday night, for all of us who've been jonesing to play together. All the details are on his blog and I will post more info towards the end of the week.  Peeps, Very Josie will be in this game and in rare form.  So fucking what if it isn't for money.  Some things are priceless.  Come on and play for old time's sake but do not knock me out!  Don't forget that I can cast spells now!  Poof! and I'll turn you into a frog! Need more incentive to play HeffMike's home game?  The winner gets......A Very Josie T-shirt!  So there is something at stake people!  You may never get another chance to win one!

Play smart.



KenP said...

So, with your increased workload, you've scheduled a salary review with the bosses, right?

Josie said...

No, not yet, but you think like me. On the one hand, I haven't had a raise in over 2 yrs because our industry has been in the shitter. On the other hand I'm back to full salary since January, which is nice, but still.....On the other hand, all these new employee salaries are not easy to maintain....and on the most important hand, at the end of the fiscal year, bonuses are given to good doobies like I'll be on my best behaviour until the amount of my bonus has been determined. :)

KenP said...

No, not yet, but you think like me.


Not a compliment?

Josie said...

Hmmm Ken, it was more like an observation but if I had to choose, it is obviously also a compliment. :)

lightning36 said...

Hmmm ... looks like Ken P has now gone over to the dark side. Such a shame ...

Josie said...

Lightning Dahhhling, Come to the dark side!

KenP said...

I don't think Sparky is into dying his hair some weird shade of black.

(Still consider compliment potential.)

PokahDave said...

He's been there ever since you started blogging have him in the palm of your hand! "I'm going through VeryJosie withdrawals" said by teh Lightdog himself!

Josie said...

Aha! Lightbulb is jonesing for some Very Josie! Thought so! He called last night while I was writing this post and it went to voicemail before I could pick it up. Lightning if you're reading Imma call you tonight!