Friday, April 1, 2011

The day isn't over yet.... I mentioned, I failed to fool Evan this morning.  I got home from work and there he was wet, in his bathrobe watching TV.  Now Evan doesn't voluntarily shower ever. Hmmm  Then I remembered that he was going to a school dance tonight.  While he was drip drying (he was nekkid under the robe) I had the best idea.

Recently I bought Evan about 8 new pairs of underwear because he'd outgrown his.  These were no ordinary undies.  Oh no.  They came from American Eagle, Hollister and some other store that charges and arm and a leg for  undies.

Sometimes the best April fools are the simplest.  While he was distracted I took all of his undies at least 12 pairs and put them in a shopping bag.  I left one tiny waaaaay too small pair and that's it.  And then I waited.

At the last minute he went to get dressed.  I could hear things moving all around and then....

"Mom, where are my underwear/"

"They're in your bottom drawer where they always are, now hurry up and get dressed!"

"They're not here!"

"Oh I was doing laundry.  They must be in the washer, but there must be something in your drawer you can wear." (yet there isn't. heh)

Now he has sooooo many undies I've never had them all in the washer but mebbe he doesn't know this.

"Maaaaaaaaaa I need underwear!!!!"

"Look they're either in the washer or in the hamper.  There isn't one pair there?"

"Never mind I'll just wear these." (The dirty undies he took off before the shower.  Typical boy.  I should've hidden them too.  It never occured to me he'd try wear dirty undies)

"You are not wearing dirty underwear.  You just took a shower.  Don't put them on....put on these."  (the uber tiny undies that haven't fit him in years)

"No way.  Can I please wear these?  They aren't that dirty."

"NO! Do NOT put dirty undies on.  Go the the dance commando - no undies."

"I can't.  Oh my god!!!!"

And then I hand him a bag with about a dozen pairs of clean folded fancy undies, and he's like what are they doing in there?

Two words.


He got me later though when I went to turn the faucet on and the sprayer shot water out and soaked me.  Which resulted in me chasing him round and round the house, till I reminded him that he still had to get dressed.  I love April Fools.

Evan the traitor in a Texas Rangers uniform!



KenP said...

Boy Undies? Give us a break!

No wonder you are an embarrassment like mothers before you.

Evan, I would tell you it gets better but I'm the one here not allowed to lie.

lightning36 said...

I am happy to see this wicked side of you which doesn't surface too often. It helps assuage the guilt I occasionally feel when I have been mean to you. lol

Josie said...

Ken, it's only once a year!

Light, see my comment to Ken. The other days I'm 80%sweetheart 20% biatch. Maybe even 90%!