Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Very Josie & The Definition

These are actual definitions from the urban dictionary.

1.) Cool or awesome, used to emphasize a good quality about something
"How very!" or "Come on, Heather, it'll be very."

2.) Another variation of teenage slang meaning tight, chill, sweet, awesome, cool, etc.

the show to night will be so very

1.) The head sexy girl (as in Josie and the Pussycats). The alpha female in any group of hotties. The decision-maker for any group of popular, sexy girls. Usually not very nice, but always a dime. Boss bitch.

2.) A sexy girl, who loves to spend time with guys. a girl who doesnt care much about money but she loves things that comes from the heart.

that girl's so sweet! shes such a Josie!

So now you know the meaning of The Very Josie:  It's a cool, awesome, sweet poker game hosted by the head sexy girl, a boss bitch, a girl who loves to spend time with guys.  Damn, those urban dictionary people hit the nail on the head!

Play The Very Josie tonight!  Password is pokerbaby and I'm already registered so all you have to do is find me to find the game.  It starts at 9pm sharp - no late registration so be there or be square.

I'm putting a $10 bounty on the last person who enters the game so I suggest you register early.  ;)  Yes, I'm usually not very nice, but always a dime. (wtf does that mean?)

Play smart because this ain't PLO or Triple Draw or any of the 10 dumb games I played last night on the Booze Cruise.  I wonder if HE won, as I predicted HE would.

Just for fun, I looked up some other names in the urban dictionary, and here's what I found.  No, I did NOT make these definitions up. 

"The Heff" is a mythical creature of unknown species that is believed to live in the town of Burnley in England. The only people who have sighted "The Heff" report seeing a mane of bushy hair over the top of a wall, and never any other part of the creature's body. "The Heff" is most commonly sighted in and around the Tesco store in Burnley, but has also been seen in other areas of the town. It is beleived that "The Heff" is male, but as there is no solid evidence for it's existence, this cannot be proved.

The term wolfie refers to how a person feels when they witness something so powerfully awkward, that they themselves feel awkward. The difference between feeling awkward and feeling wolfie is that you feel wolfie when you have taken no part in the actual uncomfortable exchange. These wolfie feelings can be experienced in real life, tv, movies, etc.

When your boss comes in and yells at your office-mate, you feel wolfie.

Used to refer to sexual intercourse in a discreet manner.

Can be substituted by "French toast" to refer to sex with a person of French desent. "German pancakes", "Belgian Waffles", ect.

Person 1: Dude did you get some waffles last night?
Person 2: Yeah man, best waffles I've ever had.

Bam Bam
Nickname given to a fortunate individual by a group of friends, Used only to describe unique personality traits. In turn using an onomatopoeia to title someone worthy of it. Rad person with an urdge to rave til they drop.
WOW Bam Bam! Your personality slaps me in the face like BAM BAM!

The word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent.
"I can get any girl if I just use a bit of the old mojo" (I believe he's aptly named!)

Hoy: to throw or chuck something

to go out on the hoy, to go out drinking, on the piss, on the lash.
to hoy up, to be sick.

I'm going out on the hoy tonight.
I just hoyed up on my cat.

when u put ur hands together (like ur praying)and thrust at someones gut.

--hurts like hell--

I just lightninged a small orange peel flavored wizard after he force fed my dog a ground up mixture of mango seeds and starfish.

A particularly difficult yet ultimately satisfying bowel movement. (rofl)

That was a hell of a grump I just took.

god of sex and alcohol, definitely my favorite. and screw travis center. (possibly very josie's fave definition! who knew?)

bitches say what? dionysis is here, hell ya

A term used to indicate that someone is "the man." For example, if someone is southpaw, they could kick your ass using only one hand (or "paw), and they most likely engage in numerous sexual encounters (the area down "south") on a regular basis. Most importantly, if someone is southpaw, they are modest about it.
Guiseppi: Dude, you're so southpaw. I wish I could be as cool as you.

a very kind guy, that makes you smile everyday, he gots swag, intelligent, unquie style, sweet words that will make you fall in love
barbie's plastic bitch.
Term refering to the hottest woman in the room.

The coolest kid to walk the earth, a sexy nerd. Guys fall head over heels for her. She loves guys with all her heart. She loves to dance and eat chocolate.

The Wife
When you have a partnership as in a business and all partners are equal but there is always someone who has a little more control than the others and that is the wife of the partnership.

amazingly awesome; best friend material; wal-mart lover; never been fishing; likes cool socks; poptart eater (mmmm poptarts!)

Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.

That borritos was dank, man.

The lucky people who are named Joanne are attributed special qualities such as beauty, intelligence and compassion. They are loved by everyone and everything thing. Babies crawl to them and dogs wag their tails. Joanne's are the most adorable people ever. They have the innocent element that attracts all men, but only devotes themselves to one special guy.

And the best for last.....

A different word for very large penis.

Bob has a jordan, and i like to ride it all night long.

Boy, do those urban dictionary people know us or what?  Especially Jordan!

Play smart at The Very Josie!



Memphis MOJO said...

Yes, I'm usually not very nice, but always a dime. (wtf does that mean?)

Dime = the perfect 10

Memphis MOJO said...

I don't care about the money, but I gotta have one of those tee shirts!

Josie said...

Oh, so that's what it means! I'm not exactly a dime - more like a nickel and a few pennies. ;)

Mojo - Tonight's your night!

jamyhawk said...

mmmmmmm poptarts....

LOL at Jordan, I mean at "my Jordan".

Josie said...

LOL Jamy - You're best friend material AND you have a jordan!

SirFWALGMan said...

Hoy makes me puke.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLL I think Hoy's was the only inaccurate definition.

Wolfshead said...

get a new dictionary. This one is no better than your handicapping skills

Josie said...

Well, well, well - If it isn't Wolfie, the Winner of The Booze Cruise! You just did that to prove me wrong! I will kick ur ass for that tonight old man!

And congrats - Very nice playing!

lightning36 said...

You left out the other definitions for lightning -- a strike or bolt of electricity, a high performance truck, a fighter aircraft, moonshine, or cocaine.

They all point to great danger when dealing with lightning ...

: o )

Josie said...

Lightning, I also left out....

Lightning: An old man who cannot beat Very Josie heads up in no limit holdem.

Gary said...

you mother effers all wish you were southpaw. And lightning: no one calls cocaine "lightning" except bad made-for-tv morality play after school specials.

Josie said...

LOL Gary you're "the man".

lightning36 said...

Hah -- Joe C has selective memory. We are tied 2-2 in HU NL Hold Em. I am up 1-0 in HU Omaha.

And for both Gary and Josie -- how 'bout those Red Sox, huh? Tied for the worst record in MLB. Munch on that!

Josie said...

Lightning we are NOT tied - You are on the suck end. And do not mention that Omaha game again or i will punch you.

lightning36 said...

I was just informed by the resident Red Sox fan at work that NO team that has begun the season 0-4 has EVER won the World Series.

Your season is OVAH ALREADY!

Josie said...

Lightning, he's referencing mere mortal teams, but we're talking THE RED SOX here. Big diff!

DrChako said...

Boy, is The Wife right on...


Josie said...

LOL I looked you up too Dr. C but the definition of Chakor was too much for even ME to post and that's saying something!

Josie said...

Ewwww it was the CHAKO TACO that i refused to post - not even gonna post it in the comments. GROSS!

PokahDave said...

Flattery will get you everywhere...just like in Donkey Island!!!