Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Perhaps you've read his post, but DO NOT LISTEN TO Wawfuls.  The guy is delusional.  Do NOT change any linkage.  My name is Very Josie, or Josie, my friends call me Jos, my family calls me Jo.  Hmmm let's see, what else?  Gary calls me Douche Bunt, which is a combo of douche bag and the c-word.  Ain't he a gem?

The lesson to be learned here is that you can call me all the stuff noted above.  What not to call me is Joe C, even though my last name surely does start with a C. 

I've also been called Josie Lungs because of my amazing lung capacity.  I shiat you not.  You can hold a flame across a vast expanse of horizon and feel the wind as I blow it out without much effort.  Ahhh the talents I have that you don't even know about!

Other names I've been tortured with over the years, include Squashy Face, courtesy of my sister. Can I help it if I have some serious cheeks? That one used to make me cry and cry.  Anyway, don't bully me like my older sister.

Speaking of bullies, Wawfuls is quite the name caller, isn't he?  Don't listen to him.  He's just jealous because I was giving Boat's brother, and Muchtim and Wolfie (and everyone else who wasn't Waffles) a little verbal massaging.  Wah Wah.  I had nothing else to do because......

Because.....I didn't have the HU match with Jordan. Boo! It's being rescheduled to most likely tonight.  If I have live poker at my house, it may have to wait till Thursday.

So....I railed that biatch you know as Sir Waffucktard, then I played 3 games.  $10 (45) person game with Jew Boy. (I lost) A $6 satty with 30 peeps and only one getting entry to $120 tourney. (I lost) And then...

$10+1 tourney with a knock out.  88 peeps and I came in 6th.  I would've taken a screenshot but I was too upset when I lost.  I was in first place by the first break and held either 1st or 2nd for the rest of the game.  I never donked off chips and played strong and hard.  In the end I played the hammah which was my undoing.  I bet it to the river and the villian had nothing till he caught middle pair on the river and called my huge final bet.  My read was right throughout, but in hindsight, perhaps no more betting on the hammer post flop if I haven't connected.  6th place gave me a decent cash though.

Play smart.

Jo C.


KenP said...

Waffles has a girl friend.
Waffles has a girl friend.

"In news that could make many lonely tech savvy men have more of a spring in their steps is the launch of 'Cloud Girlfriend' which is a start up tech company based in California whose service is to match a user to his perfect match. The sad part is the relationship will only be internet based. Reported by Sara Yin of PC Mag, 'Cloud Girlfriend' will be free as David Fuhriman co-founder is quoted with saying 'We allow people to define their ideal self, find their perfect girlfriend or boyfriend and connect and interact as if that person existed. We will fulfill the 4 steps on the landing page, but not create any fake accounts.'",2817,2383485,00.asp

I'd have posted it on his blog but there is so much move love for him here.

Josie said...


The only way this will work is if I put in his preferences for him. Otherwise he'll wind up with a 16 yr old supermodel who doesn't talk, but does do other things.

KenP said...

Every good little girl has always been instructed to never talk with her mouth full.

Josie said...


I doubt his prefence is "good" little girls.

SirFWALGMan said...

I think Ken just said I have a big dick

Josie said...

He ought to know!

KenP said...

Waffles, there is quite a difference between the verbs has and is.