Monday, April 11, 2011

Heads Up with Pokah Dave

Very Josie and Pokah Dave

Davey boy and I had a little heads up challenge tonight.  Davey boy a/k/a DDionysus a/k/a DoubleD is a better than competent player so I knew I had my work cut out for me.  I played my usual aggressive way and even though I chipped up early, soon enough I'd lost game one.  Doh! wtf!  Not to worry, I thought.  Onto game 2.

Game 2 was going great until I lost a couple of small pots and the chip lead.  Meh, no biggie.  But then I played A-6.  Btw if you're playing heads up, you HAVE to play ace rag.  Statistically it's most likely the best hand preflop, so there wasn't the luxury of folding.  Anyway, I caught an ace on the flop.  Neither of us bet. (both of us were being tricky) Small bet on the turn, which I  called.  River was a 6!  I bet and he jammed all in.  I called and found out he'd flopped trips.

I was down 2 games to zilch.  omfg.  We'd chatted about playing maybe 5 hu matches, but nothing set in stone.  I was going to need to win at least the next 3.  Talk about being in a hole.

Not only did I win the next 3 games, but I won the next 4 games in a row.  Yep.  Poetry in motion baby.  Of course I caught a few lucky rivers, but there was plenty of good poker playing too (on both our parts). 

At the end it was VJ 4, DD2.

On the very last hand of the very last game, I had my very favorite hand:  JT.  Now I already had a big chip lead and I led out raising.  DD jammed and I called.  Flop was AKx and then I caught the Q for broadway.  GG Davey!  I offered him another rematch but his response was "Uncle!".   Dave, it was alot of fun playing with you and trash talking you.  :)  Seemed like each game there was a battle for the chip lead.  Damn, but didn't we trade those chips back and forth?

4 in a row baby!  What a comeback.  After those first 2 games I was dreading writing this post.  :)  Now, not so much.  All I can say is variance, schmariance.

My next victim worthy opponent is Jordan of High on Poker fame.  I just emailed him to see if he could play Tuesday night, if he isn't too afraid, that is.  :)

Tonight (Monday night) I'm going to my first Red Sox game of the season.  Woot!  The sox are playing Tampa Bay.  I won't be seeing Manny as he just shot up roids retired, but Johnny Demon should be there to hear me booing him. 

I usually don't go to games in April because I don't like the cold weather, but tomorrow night is supposed to be very mild and it's a free ticket from work.  You just can't beat free tickets and most likely free Fenway Franks.  If anyone else has any free Red Sox tickets for me, drop me an email.  :) 

It'll be great to be back in Fenway after the long winter.  Anyone know who's pitching?

Play smart and Go Sox!



Gary said...

Matsuzaka (0-1, 5.40) vs. Jeremy Hellickson (0-1, 4.76). The Rays btw have a worse record (1-8) than Boston (2-7).

KenP said...

I played...

Of course I caught a few lucky rivers

There you go; being redundant again.

Josie said...

Ahhhh Dice-K san. ty!

Ken, I think the P stands for puttana.

KenP said...

Non Cazatta

PokahDave said...

UNCLE! UNCLE SHMUNCLE! that was a good HU battle. Congrats on the great play. I should have continued playing another MTT on the side like the first two games. When I don't over think things I probably play better. I LOL'd when you were getting on my case....

Josie said...

It was a great battle Dave. I really threw quite a bit of trash talking/taunting in, but all you did was laugh. Grrrr :)

The Neophyte said...

I bet you're booing Damon now, 3-3, a HR and 2 RBIs.

Josie said...

Neo, I'm hoarse from booing. What a sucky game.

PokahDave said...

You see you're cursed......but you know...whatever!