Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muhctim, Thy Name is Judas

Things were looking up about 1/3 of the way through the game.  I had my solid alliance with Boat, I had a secondary alliance with Jamy and Muhctim, and I had my back up singers (xkm, turtle) when needed.  I was feeling particularly confident because of Muhctim.  He'd asked me to not let Jamy know that we were in communication.  I happily obliged and why wouldn't I?  He promised me the world. He told me he'd vote whoever I wanted him to vote for.  He told me even if he didn't win, he just wanted to help me get further.

Nice guy huh?  Did I believe it?  Maybe a little.  In the beginning he did just what he said he'd do.  He'd email me asking who to vote for and then he did as he was told.  My kind of guy!  I was happy with how the votes were going, and with who was getting voted off.  I was lulled into a sense of security even though Hoy wasn't buying it. 

The honeymoon was over when Jamy wanted to take out a team fish member.  I just couldn't allow it to happen.  I was finally getting the numbers and the control and knew that sacrificing a fish, even one who wasn't in my inner sanctum was a bad move.  I'd worked the numbers over and over again.  I'm a visual person, so yes I used flash cards.  I shiat you not.  I'd move people/cards round and round trying to figure out alliances I was up against, what the peeps would look like after our vote was made, stuff like that.  So I just couldn't give Jamy what he wanted.  I knew Muhctim was a friend of his, but Muhctim assured me that he would stick with me forsaking all others.  I think he said something like "...for better or worse, richer or poorer....I stick with you."

Since he's sticking with me, I have the numbers to do what I want.  Now I didn't want to appear to my fishmates that I was deciding who got hit (although pretty soon that became apparent).  I didn't particularly want Jamy out at this point, in fact I was pushing for Brain, but acknowledged that Jamy was an issue.  The team wanted to hit Jamy. Muhctim emailed me and asked who should he vote for and my answer was Jamy. 

Muhctim replies and asked me if I had enough votes to get Jamy out without his.  He's developed a friendship and it would "hurt his soul" to vote Jamy.  Certainly understandable.  I reply that I'm good with the votes and he doesn't have to vote Jamy.

I'm playing the game, chatting with this guy and that, and then all of a sudden the penny drops.  Jamy's going to make an attempt to vote me out and MUCHTIM IS VOTING WITH HIM.


Muhctim never said who he was voting for in lieu of Jamy.

The game is still going on as I im Muhctim and ask "Are you voting me???"  Answer was yes and he'd already voted, but only because I told him I didn't need his vote.  Fawk!  How did I go from on top of the world to under a bus in about 5 minutes?  I IM him and tell him I need his help here.  I asked him to PLEASE email Buddy and change his vote to anyone but me. 

The answer................

Silence!  He logged off IM.  That #$%^ *&$%#!!!!!!

Of course him logging off did not stop me from sending him a litany of the nastiest ims/emails with alot of name calling and swear words.  I just couldn't believe it.  Then again I'm sure Jordan, Goat and Hoy couldn't believe it either when it happened to them.  Luckily for me, I squeaked by with enough votes in my pocket so that I wasn't voted out, but it was close.

Bit by bit Judas Muhctim  regained favor with me.  I never fully trusted him again but I certainly needed his vote and he was back to being obedient.  :) Again tons more promises by him, and slowly I started to trust him again.  Always his theme was "You told me you didn't need my vote." 

I continued to play with Muhctim in my back pocket, or perhaps in my cleavage, and things were going great.  Hoy was right that I was picking and choosing who I wanted out.  My plan was Boat and me for final 2 and at this point I promise Muhctim final 3.  Final 3 and final 2 are pretty much the same thing imho.  1 in 3 chance to be in the final 2 so long as you last longest.  That wasn't good enough for Judas though.

Judas Muhctim chose to blind side me again to force a heads up match.  Me against xkm.  Again I was shocked.  Why? I asked.  "Strategy" was the reponse.  I kicked xkm's ass heads up in 24 hands, and of course I got yet another email from Muhctim full of shit congratulations, explanations and this...

"...and you owe me a slap and a hug when I am lucky enough to meet you! (Just remember--However big the slap is, the hug has to be twice as big, twice as nice)"

Heh.  I'll slap him alright.

I never answered that email.  No more curse words, no nothing. I was done.  Fucked over twice was once too many if you ask me. 

Ironically, in the end Muhctim's vote was the deciding vote that gave me the win.  Boat and I were tied 6-6 and we were waiting for one more vote, which was Muhtcim's and he voted for his friend Very Josie, shocking me for the 3rd time in this game.

I'll never understand men, but I'll tell you this: Muhctim has earned his slap and hug.


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