Thursday, April 28, 2011


Even though it was live poker night at my house last night, I didn't use that as an excuse to skip exercising.  Poker starts at 7:30pm  and I figured I could get everything done before that.  3 sets of pushups, crunches and a variety of free weight exercises and then it was time to hit the hills.  I am still wearing the ShapeUps for this which makes the hike even harder.

I find that my biggest complaint about walking around Saugus is that everyone is just too damn friendly.  I'm wearing headphones and powerwalking FAST, yet everyone frigging waves to me, says hello or wants to shoot the breeze.  Ugg.  I am NOT a friendly person....for real.  I'm a nice person to be sure.  But striking up conversations with strangers that live in my neighborhood is not me.  Yet it seems that's what everyone around me lives for.  Last night I had cars beeping at me at least 4 times.  After a couple I was ready to give them the finger but on closer look they all seemed to be waving furiously and sincerely and I don't even know these people.  OMFG  This is the stuff that makes me break out in hives.  I do not do well with strangers.

At about the halfway point of my walk, I turn the corner and earlier in the week the owner of the house on said corner said hello to me.  The lucky guy got a smile and half wave back as I strode on.  Couple nights later as I'm walking by he's sitting there in his adirondack chair by his fire pit which was blazing.  Nice.  Again, he got a wave but I didn't break my stride.  I'm here to burn calories people, not make friends.  Last night I was a bit earlier as I wanted to get back in time for poker and I happily noted he wasn't there planted by the fire pit.  I almost make it by his house when I see him hurrying toward me with a load of wood in his arms and he says "Oh I almost missed you!", like I was the first act of a great show.  FML

The way home is the worst because I have to trek up 2 BIG hills and at this point I'm already spent and drenched with sweat.  The end of this hike is never pretty.  I'm halfway up the first big hill and I feel a car right up my ass.  Mother fucker!  I turn around and lo and behold it's Gary!  I'm huffing and puffing but I decline his offer of a ride up the last of the hills.  I got home red, sweaty and early, yet 2 poker guys were already there.  I was hoping to do a quick wash/change before they got there but no luck.

I excuse myself to change my soaking wet tshirt and for some reason I grab Gary's hand and put it on the back of my super sweaty neck.  The look of horror on his face was priceless.

Oh we played 2 games and I split the first one and gary won the 2nd!  We rule!

Play smart.



OES said...

hihihihi =). Soon no longer college boy, but grad school boy.

Josie said...

Hi College Boy! *sniff* You best be visiting my blog if you're visiting Hoy's.

You may soon be a grad school boy, but you'll always be College Boy to me!'s wasted on the young. :)

lightning36 said...

Sounds like your life is taken right out of Seinfeld.,,69163,00.html

Josie said...

Light, it sure feels that way. btw Pokah Dave tells me you're jonesing for some Josie. Are you around tonight for a chat?

Littleacornman said...

Laughed at you trying to get some peace when you're out and about.I find it's the same walking the dog.I start to forget who I've waved at previously and more importantly who lets their dog quietly crap in a corner and who likes to carry a wee warm plastic bag of shit around with them!

Memphis MOJO said...

I excuse myself to change my soaking wet tshirt and for some reason

A wet tee shirt and no photos?? For shame.

Josie said...

Darn Acorn Man - that's just another reason why not to get a dog. Although I must say "Nacho" is my absolute fave doggie name. I picture Nacho as like a jack russell terrier - like from Frasier. Am I right?

Mojo baby, there will be plenty more sweaty tshirt opportunities in my future, I think.

Littleacornman said...

There's a pic of him on this post:

Named after a former Rangers player and half staffie/half whippet and half daft!

Josie said...

What a handsome dog - no drool, and no excessively long fur. Mama likie!

Big day tomorrow, huh, old chap?

lightning36 said...

Hey -- I am working part of the evening tonight. If you call please make it after 8:30 your time.

Josie said...

I'll call at 9pm! That'll give you time to unwind.

Littleacornman said...

That's my boy :-)

I think the wedding's more of a girlie thing really.Best of luck to the pair of them but I'm just happy to get a day off work for it and a long lie in!