Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Wow, I have a bit to catch you up on.  First of all, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!  Yay! I thought for sure they'd be playing overtime.  Did you see that missed field goal that gave the Pats the win?  Doh. A win's a win, so I'll take it.  I assure you Tom will look better in his Superbowl performance.  He will squish the Giants.  I cannot wait.

I watched the game at my mother's house because my sis was bringing over the new boyfriend to meet everyone.  The night before, my mother called me to ask what I was wearing to this blessed event.  She of course had her outfit ready.  I told her I'd be wearing jeans and a sweater.

"A sweater?  How bout that nice blouse you wore to the wake?"  Um, no.  I wasn't going to a wake.  I was going to my mom's house for dinner and football.  I get that she wanted to make a good impression with my sis' friend and she was a bit nervous but I don't get dressed up, especially if I'm not working and I don't have to.

Turns out Drew Bledsoe was one of the honorary captains of the game and so I decided to pull out my #11 Drew Bledsoe football jersey, which is a very large man's shirt.  Keep in mind I'm a short mo'  fo' so it's kind of long on me, but so what.

I get to my mother's house and she looks at me horrified.  "You're gonna meet him like that?  You look like a plumber!"

"What are you talking about?"

"My cousin's nephew, Imbrescia the plumber, he dresses like that.  And you dress like that to meet your sister's boyfriend?  Go fix a the toilet."

Sheesh.  Note to self...oversized Patriots jerseys are not the most flattering on me.

The BF was extremely nice and all dressed up. (oops) He asked if I was a Patriots fan and I answered...

"Wanna see my Patriots underwear?"

"Madonna mia, my daughter she's a kidder.  Go get the scuola pasta! Josephine The Plumber, Go!"

And from my mom later on "Hey Jo, who's that Hedda Mills? She was on TV." Hmmmm On TV.  Well that narrows it down. I tell her I have no idea but guess that maybe she's an old movie star.

"No! Come on, you gotta know her."

"I don't know Ma."

"She has only one leg but she was on Dancing With The Stars".

Ohhhh Heather Mills. Natch.

Alf, the BF says to me "So you're a rock star?"  Huh?  He'd been looking at some of the ancient photos my mother has hanging on the walls and said I looked just like Joan Jett but with bigger hair.  lol  Of course after he says this my mother apologizes to him yet again for my attire.  Now she's starting to aggravate me.  She's shooting me dirty looks and I am very close to strangling her.

My mother always calls me "Jo" and at one point when she said it my sister says "You mean Joe C?" Starts laughing and says "She likes it when you call her Joe C." Biatch.  I explain the Joe C. nickname to my mother; how some people tease me that I'm a guy and not a woman.

Well, do you dressa like THAT when you see them?

I betcha Mojo remembers her!

As far as poker goes, it's been a wild rollercoaster on Black Chip Poker.  I played a 500+ peep tourney on Saturday night and came in 33rd, which was triple my buyin but it still sucked.  Lost with KK vs 99.  Starting to hate kings.  Then I took $25 to a .10/.25 cash game and grinded it up to $125 cuz I rock.

Tonight I lost a big tourney I was playing in.  430 peeps, 54 itm and I donked out 65th.  Blah.  For both of these tourneys I was in the top ten for quite a while, so I chip up early and get myself a comfortable stack, and then the wheels fall off.  I'm not happy with this as it's the same old shiat.  I need to make some sort of adjustment....or.....I could just stick to cash.  The thing is Mama likes tourneys. 

Oh and I was tweeting all weekend.  Duggle Bogey taught me how to send a private tweet while he was cooking dinner, which btw, I mastered.  I'm like a tweeting pro now. 

The biggest news of all is my friend Tony.  Remember him?  By the time you're reading this he'll have EIGHT days machine free under his belt.  Eight.  He's been winning far more than he's lost at poker and because he's abstained from the machines, his bankroll is growing and he's in far better shape than he was in a short while ago.  He's also been making phone calls to a therapist at the UNLV that and I know that will really help him.  He's doing all the right things he needs to do to improve his situation and I am so very proud of him.  Hi Tony!  Way to go!

That's about it.  Two weeks until the Patriots CRUSH the Giants, because like me, pay back's a bitch.

Play smart.



Paul said...

Still talking smack about the Giants? Ugh.

I am very excited to watch my team play the Pats again...a worthy opponent.

No smack talk here. Just win baby!

Oh didn't you guys already lose to us this year.....@FOXBORO?? Oh!

Yes I know......@ Paul....whore.

lightning36 said...

The posts about your mother are always the best!

Zin said...

Sup Jo Mama, i will be cheering for the Patriots since i am an AFC fan, Go Steelers Go, I have seen a lot of football over the years and i just do not see the Patriots beating the Giants, hate to say it but it is what it is.
Congrats on your cash game turning $25 into $125, nice. There is a lot of money to be made at the 25NL.

Josie said...

@Whore...Paul! Giants are not even in the same league as the Pats and you know it.

Care to place a bet, whore boy?

TY Light!

Josie said...

Zin, really? You don't see the Pats beating the Giants? You'll see it soon enough. Are you playing on BCP? Enjoy your day off. Wish it was me. I'm thinking of taking Monday after Superbowl off.

Paul said...

You are right Josie, the Giants are NOT in the same league with the Pats.

The Giants are in the NFC and the Pats are in the yes different leagues for sure.

You are pretty good at sports knowledge.....for a girl! bwahahahaha

I don't bet on my team btw....ever.

Just watch and enjoy!

Zin said...

Jo mama, the Giants defense is head over heals better than the Patriots defense. That will be the difference in the game.
Offensively both teams are good.

Another 75 degree day here in South Tx, man its been a cold winter, hehehehe.

Zin said...

Jo mama, can you guess who is back to playing machines? Don't hurt yourself thinking to hard.

Josie said...

@Paul, if the Giants were the team I rooted for I wouldn't bet either. :P

@Zin, I disagree. Pats beat Giants on offense. Pats beat Giants on heart and determination. Pats beat Giants at Superbowl. Enjoy the lovely weather. *jealous*

Josie said...

Zin said...
Jo mama, can you guess who is back to playing machines? Don't hurt yourself thinking to hard.

Zin, I'm not in the best of moods today so tread carefully in the Tony department.

Zin said...

That time of the month huh. VJ, Life is to short to be mad or angry, cheer up.

Cranky said...

VJ - what lightning said. You painted a great picture of you in the jersey and your mother's neverending remonstrances.

Josie said...

Zin, no it's not that time of the month. Is life too short to be concerned about others? I think not.

Thank you Cranky. I'll admit she was right too.

Wolfshead said...

Pats vs Gints huh? Wonder what else will be on TV that day. So not interested I don't think I'm even buying in to a pool this year.

Josie said...

Wolfie, where have you been? Are you feeling okay?

Wolfshead said...

That time of year, depression hits with the lousy weather and pain. Haven't even played poker in over 2 months except some cheesy online stuff. Burying myself in my Nook

SirFWALGMan said...

I bet you would look good in that shirt naked.


Goooo Pats! I think we get up for this Giants game and get revenege!!!!

Josie said...

Wolfie baby, you need a couple of days with me in Atlantic City to cheer you up(and drain your bank account). It's time sweetie! I'll be in touch and don't be depressed! Do you realize how many guys would love to spend the weekend with me in AC? You are one lucky mo fo.

Josie said...

@waffles, you're good. I did wear it to be last night sans anything else, and it did look better as a nightie.

Mikeg5162000 said...

Geez, I guess we will get 2 weeks og Giants and Pats smack. I guess you missed the fact that the Rangers took one from the Bruins on Saturday. Hope you don't bet on too many hockey games.

Josie said...

LOL Mike. No, hockey doesn't interest me, neither does basketball or soccer for that matter.

grrouchie said...

The most attractive thing in the world is a chick wearing an over sized jersey (and nothing else of course).

Congrats to your team going to try to win the rematch. Based on the game earlier this year it should be a good one.

I'll cheer for the Pats, though I don't really have any good reason to.

Josie said...

Grrouchie, can you call my mom and tell her that? Hmmm never mind. Oh and I'll give you good reason to cheer on the pats! *evil grin*

grrouchie said...

I was just looking at the list of "blogs that you follow" and I saw that you follow your own blog lol.

Way to inflate the readership :)

Josie - do you have a link for BCP with a referral for rakeback?

I think I'm just going to put a few bucks on so that I can play some cheap tourneys to get my poker fix.

K-thanks :)

Josie said...

@Grrouchie. For the longest time I only had 8 followers and two of them were my sister and me.

I will send you bcp info tonight when i get home. DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH THERE until then. if you wait you get like 200% return.

Also, grrouchie baby, may I request a post on your blog about your session with Tony and Tatude? No rush. I'd find it an interesting read. TY!

grrouchie said...

I won't deposit and I won't even download it.

I have been waiting and holding off hoping the urge would pass, but it's not going away.

So, instead I'll play micro tourney's and hopefully build it into a fortune.

I was thinking of writing up a post about the session and some observances.
Maybe later tonight when I shake outta my funk!!! (3 exclamation points for emphasis on da funk - bringing da funk. The Funk's Yo Brotha)

Josie said...


Wolfshead said...

Bank account already drained. Used what you left me after that O8 session to buy the family Christmas gifts. Daughter got a new Nook and the large size DS, among other things and parents got large flat screen. Need to find a new stake

Wolfshead said...

BTW, AC is out until after Feb. Daughter, and possibly her girlfriend, are spending their winter break down here, a week or more. May take them either to Wash or the Meadowlands for manga convention. There's one in Boston during my daughter's Spring break. Guess who's going to want to make a trip in that direction?

Zin said...

Miss josie, does Eli stand for Elite Quarterback or not? I give you credit VJ you can smack talk with the best of them.

Josie said...

Wolfie!!! No AC till after Feb? *sob* Keep March open or I'll kick your ass. <---me being sweet. Lemme know if you do come to Boston, would love to meet Maya.

Zinnia, Eli stands for "Not As Good As Peyton". Everybody knows that, even his Mama. ;)

Wolfshead said...

Mid March a possibility. Winter break is mid to late Feb and Spring mid to late April so have some time in between.

April going to be fun. Daughter is going to want to go to Boston, mother probably won't want to give her up. Girlfriend will also want to make that Boston trip if she hears about anime con. Created a monster there. She's as big an otaku as my daughter if not worse and gets to indulge in it at home unlike the daughter. OTOH the daughter's, and my, stuff down here is like nothing she has at home so she goes delirious down here. Hell, where else can she walk around with a boken at her side all day and find someone to practice with her? Daughter loves someone who shares her interests. Think I have a semi adopted kid.

Memphis MOJO said...

I betcha Mojo remembers her!


SirFWALGMan said...

Is she going to run around town dressed like Anime characters? I see that every year and I love it!

Wolfshead said...

Who VJ or my daughter? You just want to see VJ in the schoolgirl uni. Or one of the characters from Sekirei.

If daughter she wants to but if she brings girlfriend I ain't springing for fixings for two outfits. Of course my daughter wants one of the complicated characters