Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Lookie At Me!

Good morning Sugar Pies! *Big Cheesy Grin*

Last night after dinner my sister called me......

Sis: Hey what's going on?

Me: Nothing. How bout you?

Sis: Tell me what's going in!  What happened?

Me: Huh?

Sis: I'm at Mike's house and we're want to know what this big news is!

Me:  Oh, that. You're going to have to tune in tomorrow like everyone else.....

Sis: I'm your sister!

Heh. She had me at "sister" so I had to tell her.  Mike, YOU are not my sister, so you must pay for finding out early.  I'll get back to you on how you will pay exactly. But anyway, back to my big news.

Ahem.  Check out the little blue bird in yonder right corner....

That's right Biatches, I'm on Twitter!  Tweet, tweet!  You can follow me, I can follow you....and um, I dunno.  I'm not really sure how the whole thing works yet, but that's what this weekend is for.

Me!  A luddite when it comes to technology, I'm on twitter.  Impressed KEN? Ken's been trying to get me to overcome my fear of technology so he must be amazed.

"The thing is, I did the entire set up, including following some people and linking it to this blog entirely by myself!" said .Poker Grump.

Okay so I'm still a luddite, but I'm on twitter!  Grumpy baby found some cool people for me to follow to get me pros, news, and some poker bloggers.  He even found Kim Kardashian and I'm following her too!

Now I haven't actually tweeted anything yet, but I will be sending out some pearls of wisdom tonight.  The idea of it does give me a bit of anxiety but I have a feeling once I get started it will be difficult to shut me up.

So follow me biatches...but beware it may be a bumpy ride.

I'm most excited about the idea of tweeting updates during tournaments.  I think it'll be very handy there. Like @VeryJosie, 2nd in chips, final table..... I'm not really sure what the @ thingy is supposed to mean, but I get to ask Grump as many questions as I'd like.  I suppose he won't be playing much poker this weekend, as I am sure to keep him busy.  :)

Thank you Grumpilicious, Mama likie

In other news, it's Lightning's birthday and he just turned 97 years old (but looks only 80). Stop by and wish him a happy 97th.  He's kinda cute for an old guy, what with his new svelte figure and all.

Follow me everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you
Want to leave I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me

-Uncle Kracker

Of course Evan heard me telling my sister the big news and as soon as I got off the phone he asked "Can I follow you?  I like it when you swear, unless it's at me."

Play smart and FOLLOW ME.



grrouchie said...

Spreading your wings to the twatter universe will probably increase your viewership .10fold - and thus propel you to your goal of 100 people quicker than TBC leaving a table on tilt and running to a machine.

or there-aboots.

Josie said...


Funny you should call it twatter. My sister and always used the word twitter in reference to VJJ for years before tweeting ever came to be.

Cranky said...

VJ - I shall directly head to twitter and add you to my very short list of those I follow. That way, it will be easy for me to see your pearls of wisdom. :-)

Josie said...

ty Cranky! I hope Skip is doing well.

KenP said...

I see Twitter as another shot into the dieing body of western civilization. Or just dyslexic confirmation that academics may be right about technologies reprogramming biologic retrogression.

Either works for me.

Josie said...

Ooooo Duggle Bogey is following me!!!!

Cranky said...

VJ - thanks, Skip is doing well. I have become the home IV master. Another skill I've acquired I could have lived without.

Tweet on!

bastinptc said...

While you're at it, you might as well eat up the rest of your day with a Facebook account. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the twitterverse.

Memphis MOJO said...

Very cool and I see you have your image there, too.

DuggleBogey said...

Yes, it's quite an honor. If you follow me back, you'll get to see my brilliant thoughts like (real example):

"I'm thinking about joining the blackout tomorrow by not blogging. Turns out I started protesting in October 2011."


"I'm all for Tebowing. You can count me in favor of anything that involves bending over. ;)"


"The soap dispensers at the new office operate thusly: hold your palms out while this machine ejaculates on your hands."

Josie said...

@bastin, I took myself off facebook a few weeks back. Blah. I lose interest quickly enough.

@duggle - ROFL I will never look at those automated soap dispensers the same way again.

@mojo - thanks for following baby! I will follow you tonight....I know that sounds creepy...

Josie said...

Ken, that means you're impressed, right?

SirFWALGMan said...

THIS is the big news? Hello? :)

Josie said...

Yes, Waffles, I think it is. it's something I said I'd never do in a million know, like how I said I'd NEVER go back to Foxwoods with you again.

Paul said...

Sorry, I am not as excited over Twitter as you are....but I still love your blog.

Wont be signing up for tweets.....hate those.

PLEASE change your pic of that tired looking

It looks like you were "going down" on someone.

Please don't hate me.

Josie said...

Paul! lolllllll This may be the funniest comment I've seen in a long time.

The photo is an old one, but it's kind of like branding - people know its me immediately. I agree that it is not the most flattering pic.

Per your request, go here --->

and you will see a different photo of me at the bottom his most current post.

And I was NOT going down on someone when that photo was taken! I had just gotten my hair done and wanted to see a picture of the color. :P

Paul said...

You are the best VJ....great sense of humor too!

I like the pic you posted on TBC's blog better than the one in the link but you look good in both.

Did you get that Ipod Nano yet....they are now about $130.

Josie said...

Thank you Paul. I often wonder if people get my sense of humor.

But fuck, now that you've said what you said, I keep looking at my pic thinking "I do look like I'm going down on someone". OMFG.

Josie said...

@paul, as far as the pic on tbc's blog, I kinda regret posting that. Those people are fixated on my boobs instead of my vast poker knowledge and I figured I'd shut them up with that photo. I figured wrong. Plus the straw that broke the camel's back was Lightning saying I was embellishing (pretty word for lying).

Josie said...

Jesus Christ, I do look like I'm giving head. How could I not have noticed this?

lightning36 said...

"Plus the straw that broke the camel's back was Lightning saying I was embellishing (pretty word for lying)."


1: to make beautiful with ornamentation

2) to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details

So if the implication was that a push-up bra was adding to the illusion, so be it. Lying is your choice of words, not mine ... : o P

Paul said...

It's ok Josie.....I am also Italian, if you the Yankees and GO GIANTS!!

This is why I can relate to you even though you like the Pats, Sox and live in Baaaaston!

I am so glad you are seeing what I am seeing with your head angled the way it is......sexaaay!!

Josie said...


1. Happy Bday Lightning
2. I totally misunderstood you. I thought you meant I was lying. I did not realize you were referring to my bra. Well OF COURSE I was wear a bra/pushup or otherwise that does wonders. I mean they ARE over 40 yrs old!

Josie said...

@Paul Biatch...Yankees Suck and Jeter swallows. In fact I bet I could find a photo of jeter in the same position as my profile pic, without too much difficulty. :P

lightning36 said...

Basically I was saying that you were lying ... ; o )

Paul said...

Your beer swilling (there is a game going on?) baseball team got one of the best managers fired! Yeah, Hi Tito!

Jeter is the Yankees and words cannot hurt him...LOL

The only way to find a profile pic like yours is to search google with the image filter on "off". HA

Josie said...

Oh Paul, btw I never did get that nano thingy...I did get an uber cheap ipod shuffle that I'm pretty happy with except I can't find the charger for it. :( So I've been rationing the songs much like a person in the desert would ration their last bottle of water.

What happens in that case? I dont think I can buy another little charger cord,can I? :( Boo. I think I may have to buy another shuffle just for the little charger cord.

VegasDWP said...

OK, I am following you. Now be interesting!

Josie said...

I hate anything electronic. :( except my kindle.

Josie said...

Oooo the guy from DesMoines IA is following me!! I can stalk him now! :) This twitter stuff is interesting!

Josie said...

Thank you VegasDWP....btw I just saw your name - Is that for real? Sounds like the name of a male stripper!

I will shoot for interesting but will most likely be offensive and seductive. Potato, potahto.

Jordan said...

So, when is the big announcement?

Also, big news everyone. I just signed up for an AOL account using my dial-up modem!

Josie said...

@Jordan, blow me.

Rob said...

Welcome to twitter, I was just looking for you there a couple of days ago, I figured anyone who had a blog as great as yours was tweeting her lungs out as well. I'm sure you will now.

I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't come across your site initially from another poker site. Actually I was in a dark place one nite and I googled "pics of women giving head" and yours was the first image. Sorry. My initial disappointment was blown away (so to speak) by your wonderful writing about poker and stuff.

Josie said...

LOL Rob! Hmmfff And to think I was JUST about to add you to my blogroll. <---Toldya I tease. I may have to anyway....right now you're in the probation period.

And honey you wouldn't have been disappointed. :P

I may have to change my fucking profile pic!

Rob said...

OMG, what do I have to do to get off the probation period? I'm easily bought.

So I wouldn't have been disappointed, huh? That thought will keep me going the rest of the day :)

At the risk of ending my probation period prematurely, can you tell me where to find the pic on TBC's site that you are referring to? I want to know what this whole "embellishment" argument is all about.

Josie said...

Ugh. The pic is buried in the comments of the post called "well this blog post is a little late but most of the news is good". know the post about Tony's mom's swivel sweeper. It is NOT like I just decide lemme show a picture of my cleavage. In the post prior to that some guy asked how big my breasts were, so I gave like a normal and truthful answer - c cup and then Lightning pipes in that I'm embellishing (lying) and some other guy piped in too, and the rest is history.

Oh and thank you for saying such nice things about my blog. Much appreciated.

Josie said...

Ugh. The pic is buried in the comments of the post called "well this blog post is a little late but most of the news is good". know the post about Tony's mom's swivel sweeper. It is NOT like I just decide lemme show a picture of my cleavage. In the post prior to that some guy asked how big my breasts were, so I gave like a normal and truthful answer - c cup and then Lightning pipes in that I'm embellishing (lying) and some other guy piped in too, and the rest is history.

Oh and thank you for saying such nice things about my blog. Much appreciated.

Rob said...

It's an nice pic. I have to admit that, as an older fella, I am still not used to women being so up-front (so to speak)about such intimate things....I am referring to your chest. In my day, a guy asking a gal how big her breasts were would get slapped, or perhaps kneed in a rather sensitive part of his anatomy. And the woman would say, if she said anything, "None of your god damn business."

So it is tough for me to get used to seeing guys routinely asking you (and other women) things like that, and even more surprising that you would be so candid and honest in responding, instead of being outraged.

This is actually a pretty big part of my blog, which I'm sure you noticed....that women are these days saying such honest and offtimes outrageous things, things I would never hear from women when I was younger. It is my fascination with this phenomenon that gives me many of my blog posts.

So may I just say I liked what I saw!

Josie said...

Rob, I agree. My chest had been a common theme there so I figured I'll answer the question truthfully...and no normally I would not. Then the whole embellishing thing I took as I was being dishonest or misleading and I have a bit of a temperso I reacted as I did.

Funny, I thought your blog was about how to lose with pocket kings. :P

Rob said...

Ultimately, it is about both. My fantasy perfect blog post will be about how I WIN a hand with pocket kings because my opponent was distracted by a woman talking about her boobs or pointing to her crotch.

And as for being honest when someone asks you a "none-of-his-business" question, remember, you're a poker player and it's ok to lie. It's expected. You wouldn't be the first poker player to lie about their "top pair."

lightning36 said...

Actually, you can tell that there are a bunch of new Josie fans commenting since the focus is on her boobs. The experienced pros comment on her butt.

Josie said...

Rob, Why on earth would I lie?

And that's not how women distract men at the table. Trust me.

@Lightning, True dat.

Rob said...

VJ, why, to practice your bluffing skills, natch.

And as a guy, I have to say that women distract men at the poker table--and anywhere else--just by their very existence.

Lightning, where are the butt pictures, then?

sebszebra said...

What a blog. First you show us your bum, now we get to see your twitter!

Josie said...


Paul said...

Wow 46 comments and nothing from Zin?

I hope he didn't choke on his breakfast chorizo....

That guy sure likes his meat.

Giants/Pats re-match VJ??

We shall see!

Enjoy the games either way.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLLL Paul. I think Zin might be giving me the cold shoulder cuz of something I said. Believe it or not I can be abrasive. :)

I hope it's Giants/Pats as that would be such EASY competition for the Super Bowl.

Thanks Paul.

Paul said...

Totally agree on the easy superbowl with the lack of pats defense and all....easy win for the G men!

Josie said...

50 comment. @ Paul, WHORE!!!

Wolfshead said...

You mean you're one of those idiots that have inflicted the Kardashians on us humans? I thought Survivor and Real Housewives were bad enough but the Kardashians. And I was just about to send you info on the WSOp circuit eents at Chester and AC. Have to rethink this chauffering stuff now