Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work

Back to the grind.  The ending of the calendar year is always a busy time for me in work, even though we run on a fiscal year.  Our fiscal year actually ends May 31st, so many year end tasks don't need to be done until then, thank God.  As it is I'm busier than a.....um.....busy person.

I played some poker over the weekend at Lynne's house.  One of my key hands was K-K. I was the big blind and a short stack jammed all in.  The chip leader at my table called the all in and then it was to me.  I jammed all in over the top and the chip leader instacalled me.  Chip leader had Q-Q, an the shortie had A-7.  Luckily my kings held up and I more than doubled up.  I ended up making it to 7th place and went out with J-J.  I reraised with the J-J and Glen responded with an all in.  I surely knew I was beat but had too many chips in to fold.  I was up against A-A and it was good game Josie.

The players here are without a doubt bad so one's play has to be adjusted to account for that.   I was seated next to Marvin, who is a very good player.  He told me he'd been looking at his game closely to see how he could improve, found a leak and made an adjustment for it.  "Now" he said with a twinkle in his eye, "I've been winning again."  I asked him what leak he found in his game and he replied how I knew he would.  he said "Now Josie, I can't tell you that!".  heh.  I told him I already knew the where he needed to improve.  I told him he'd been playing too many hands with mediocre cards.  He'd hit the flop, get outkicked and lose money in a hand he should've never been in.  He looked shocked and told me that yes, he's decided to tighten up his game.  I noticed that he did do that, but got knocked out my Lynne's wife June, who is a less than stellar player.  Marvin made a huge raise preflop and only June called him.  Flop was 8 high rainbow.  Another huge almost pot size bet and she called.  Turnw as a 10.  Another big bet and she called. River was a king.  This time Marvin checks and June value bets.  He called and lost with Q-Q.  June turned over K-9, hitting a pair of kings on the river.  Marvin was shocked, speechless and out early.

They had a cash game going on while waiting for a second tourament to start, so I jumped into that, buying in for $20.  About 90 minutes later I had an awful stomach ache and a stack of about $80.  I ended up cashing out and going home before the second tourney started.  I never hit and run with friends, it's just that I didn't feel well.  And besides, when I left Sugar Bear, he was home with the kid who doesn't leave, his friend Bailey.

Now remember we had Bailey over for New Years Eve?  He came over Saturday afternoon.  Well yesterday was Monday and he was still at my house.  It pisses me off, and not because I mind having the kid around.  Not at all, he's polite and well behaved.  It aggravates me that his mother drops him off and doesn't even call for days at a time.  What.  The.  Fuck.  The plan was for Evan to go to Bailey's house Sunday night but that obv never happened and she never even called to cancel.  When Bailey finally got a hold of her she was like "Sorry, but ask if you can stay another night."  Another night would lead one to believe she'd call the next day (Monday) to pick up her son right?  Not so.  I left at 2pm yesterday afternoon and he was still trying to make contact with his mother.  I expected him to still be in the house when I got home last night but he wasn't.  She picked him up and left me a bottle of wine.  I can definitely use it.

Oh wait, I was talking about poker wasn't I?

After Evan went to bed last night I played two games on BCP, both were $2 buy ins.  First one was a one table and I didn't cash.  Second game was a freeze out tournament, that ended up with 73 entries and I won!  First place!  I hit a few key hands to double up and once I had a comfortable chip lead it was smooth sailing.  We lasted heads up for only 5 minutes when I checked top pair and he jammed all in.  Awesome.  Nice little influx to my balance.  The only MTT games I've played on BCP were a 45 peep game and this 73 peep one and went deep in both.  I may stick to fields of this size.  Although I'm still a bit unfamiliar navigating through the BCP website.  Ah well.

Oh, I have a kindle.  A kindle FIRE, and it's awesome.  I love, love, love it.  I do this it's dangerous that I can buy any book I want at the touch of a finger.  This could be biiiiiiiiig trouble, financially.  Okay, must go kiss my kindle and then do some work.

Play smart!



grrouchie said...

Kindle Fire Good.

I'm about 25% of the way through DT7.

Sometimes I wish he would write in english as some passages just slow me way down lol.

Meeting some interesting new/old characters.

I really want to throw a plate at someone and see if I can lop their head off - hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!!!

Josie said...

grouchie, you're way ahead of me in the book. I've read about 15 pages so far....but don't forget i've read it before.

yes lightning, it aggravates me!

Cranky said...

Sometimes I miss working but then I come to my senses. 26 years of benefits consulting/administration and client management and I was thoroughly burnt-out. Glad you still enjoy your work life.

Josie said...

@cranky, I suppose I enjoy it and am certainly grateful to have a job in this economy, yet on the other hand it would be wonderful to have my time to myself. Ah well, I guess I'll have to win the WSOP before that happens.

As an aside, at my firm work is slow and I just submitted some very dismal revenue projections for the new year. Yuck.

Cranky said...

VJ - bummer on work being slow. Hope you get some interesting RFP's in soon.

Josie said...

Heh cranky, you do know the lingo. we've been getting plenty of RFPs and submitting proposals. The problem is usually 20 other firms are vying for the same project.

Cranky said...

VJ - whether you're administering someone's benefit programs or designing a building for them, they're clients and they're going to issue an RFP. Fortunately, we had less competitors in our biz; there just aren't that many firms that can handle big pension plans and such.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the score!!

Wolfshead said...

Work? What is this work you speak of?

Josie said...

ty mojo!

wolfie, not all of us live the life of riley...erm wolfie. :)

Zin said...

Congrats on the score Miss Josie. Well back to work it was for me today, good thing its 1:00pm and i am already off, hehehehe.

Oh and the T-bone steaks were awesome Miss Josie.

Josie said...

Thank you Zin. I'm guessing you hit the oil field pretty early in the morning.

And I had no doubt the steaks would be awesome. Reverse searing and all. :)

Zin said...

Miss Josie, my hours are from 7am to 3pm, the boss let me go home early today, still get paid for the full day, nothing wrong with that.

So how was your 1st day back to work?

Josie said...

Oooo getting out early is cool. Day was pretty good, and productive.