Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello Sports Fans!

Are you ready for the playoffs?

The trials and tribulations of my football that the regular season is over, so is my football league.  I ended up in shitastic 6th place for the year, which wins me......NOTHING!  I did win first place for one week, and the winnings for that are more than the entry fee to play so I am up about $20 for that.  Plus I had a side bet with Adam, this guy who used to work at my firm.  I kicked his butt for the year so I sent him an email stating the obvious --->"Biatch, you owe me $40!".

God, I love kicking his ass.

Instead of paying me, he suggested paying my entry in a playoff fantasy league he's in.  It is $40 to play (how convenient) and there are over 150 players.  Rules are fairly simple, you pick whoever you want but can only pick up to 3 players per team i.e. no more than 3 Patriots can be on my team.  Each guy on your team earns you points...yada yada yada.  I'd already decided I wasn't going to join this fantasy I declined.  But that Adam just wouldn't give up with his trash talking...he wanted me to play and he wanted another side bet. Guys let this be a lesson to you.  With a little persistence, I can be talked into just about anything.  Well, not anything...

I joined the league and negotiated my sure thing side bet with Adam.  When Adam loses he has to buy a drink for me, Jenny, Josephine (not me) and Nicole.  I'm playing for my girls!  We wanted to meet up for drinks after work one day anyway.  Why not have Adam buy the first round? :)  If I should somehow lose Adam will get $30 or a round of drinks; his choice.

Okay now to pick my fantasy league.  Remember that guy and his son that kicked  my butt all year long?  His name rhymes with Shwaffles.  Anyway, not only did beat me here, but he gave me key advice in Lucki Duck's league TWICE that I choice to ignore and twice he was right.  Therefore hold onto your hats, Waffles and Waffles Junior have made my picks!  Waffles did them, and the boy wonder tweaked them.  Funny thing is, so far I'm doing quite well and it's such a huge league!

Would you like to see my awesome team?

Team Josie Waffles...

QB Rogers GB (hottie)
QB Brees Saints
RB Bradshaw Giants
RB Rice Ravens
RB Gore 49ers
WR Nelson GB
WR Johnson
WR Welker Patriots
WR Cruz NY Giants
TE Gronkowski Patriots (because Tom Brady loves him)
TE Graham Saints
K Crosby GB
K Suisham Steelers
Coach McCarthy Packers
DEF Steelers

Not a shabby looking team, eh?  Keep your fingers crossed that the saints coming marching least until the patriots stop their parade.

Play smart.



Zin said...

josie you should have picked Wallace as one of your receivers and Foster as one of your running backs.

Zin said...

Miss josie, if the Steelers get past the Broncos (lol) we have to make a bet between the Steelers vs the Patriots.

Josie said...

Zin i started with Foster, but Boy Wonder told me to take him out for....i forget which one. As long as you want to take the steelers (or anyone else) against the patriots I will happily bet. :)

Memphis MOJO said...

With a little persistence, I can be talked into just about anything. Well, not anything...


GL with your team, looks pretty awesome.

Josie said...

Heh. ty mojo!

The Neophyte said...

I like your team too Josie, should go pretty far except you just lost your D who were torched by the Tebow and Thomas

Josie said...

@neo, yeah frigging denver!

SirFWALGMan said...

We have Adrian foster you pick 4 RBs. You only showed 3 on your sheet.