Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just To Be Clear

I flirt.

Alot.  :)

Especially on this blog.  There's nothing I like better than giving fresh and flippant answers to the variety of comments I get.  And sure some of them may contain innuendo.  Sue me.  (please don't)  They may even contain stuff like "xoxoxo" or "Hey Baby".  It's just me having fun.  It surely doesn't mean that I am your girlfriend, otherwise I'd have about 102 boyfriends and I do not.  Wolfie isn't my bf and neither is lightning (although he wishes he was) or the other multitude of guys that I consider my friends.  In my mind you are all my dear dear friends, whether you like it or not.

Get it?

Besides there's a yin and yang to this.  You may get a flirty comment today but tomorrow you could get the sharp side of my tongue.  Believe it or not, I sometimes have a short temper.

Are we clear? *fluttering eyelashes seductively*



Lucki Duck said...

So, I need to stop my divorce proceedings?

Josie said...

Honey I told you not to divorce, it's not MARRIAGE I'm after you for. lol


KenP said...

I remember encountering a girl like you. I just can't remember if it was in a SciFi book or a Gothic Horror one. Little help here folks.

Josie said...

Sweetie, if you really encountered a girl like me, you'd remember every bit. Trust me.

Zin said...

@josie what would Ken remember the good or the bad?
The Giants are going to kill the Patriots, dam i hate to say it but any person with football knowledge knows its going to happen.
Vegas is going to take a beating having the Patriots as the favorite.
Till this day i cannot believe Gronk did not pork BB Jones what a sissy.

KenP said...

Whe're not talking like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD or such, are we? I think I remember that too well.

Josie said...

Zin, people wont remember what you do or say, but they will always remember how you made them feel. I'd make him feel really fine.

And you are soooo WRONG about teh Superbowl. Hopefully you're more knowledgable about oilfields. :P You'll see. Mama is always right.

Ken, no. The point is, I'm special..

Wolfshead said...

How the hell did my name and that word even get put in the same sentence together? It's been a damned long while since I've even been a boy let alone anyone's friend.

Josie said...

Well Wolfie, someone thought you were my BOYFRIEND and I was just setting the record straight. a nice bf would take me to atlantic city btw. ;)

KenP said...

The point is, I'm special...

Oh, is that why you were in special ed?

Josie said...

Ken, I do believe you may be immune to my charms...which can only mean one thing...are you an enuch? :)

badbilly32 said...

i would have never figured you for a flirt................

and would it really be only 102?

wolf is my hero!

Josie said...

Okay it would be slightly more than 102 if I counted all the guys I flirted with here - fuck prolly more like 502 but whatever.


Wolfshead said...

Better have that someone committed. Besides we all know Mojo and Waffles are fighting to fill the bf role

KenP said...

fuck prolly more like 502

That would be amazing active.

Josie said...


Zin said...

@josie, josie you are so full of it, time for your weekly enema.

Better QB - Teams are even
Better Running game - Giants
Better Receivers - Giants
Better Defense - Giants
Better Coaches - Even
Better smack talk - josie, smack talking does not win games sorry you are shit out of luck.

lightning36 said...

Perhaps you need to link to the comment I recently made to explain your "relationship" with the ol' time followers?

btw -- If Lucki Duck is getting divorced, I get first dibs on his ex-wife. Yeah -- the daughter is a cutie, too. Send either ... or both! Yes, I'm a baaaaaad man!

Kudos to Ken P and Wolfie, who both help to keep Josie's ego from getting any larger than it is.

Paul said...

So if "mama is always right" how did you feel about the Pats in the SB during their undefeated regular season in 2007?

Um yeah....I thought so. Oh I am awful.

Anyways, I had a feeling one or 2 of these nut jobs would eventually cause you to make your firty feelings clear.

I am sure an email got out of hand at some point which made this blog post inevitable.

Funny you had spell it out for someone....ha.

Go Giants!

grrouchie said...

so you'll flirt with me today and give me a tongue lashing tomorrow?

Where do I sign up for this type of action.

I'll be booking our private hotel for when you descend upon Vegas - Tongue condoms included at no charge to you love :)

Josie said...

Zin, Enemas? Shit? And even MORE offensive....Tom Brady and Eli Manning are EVEN???? Sweetie, wake up and smell the roses. I mean the 49ers almost beat the Giants yet you think the fricking PATRIOTS can't? Tsk tsk...and I thought you were smart. You'll see!

Paul, it tickles my funny bone that you have to go back 5 years to come up with some sort (not great) of smack talk against the pats. Honey, what happened 5 years ago isn't a big factor in 2012. What is a big factor is Tom Terrific and his crew that are going to kick Giants ASS. Now when you're watching the Pats win on Superbowl Sunday, please think of me and smile.

lol Grrrouchie - I dunno about these tongue condoms, that could be a deal breaker right there. :P Oh and by "private hotel" do you mean the IP?

grrouchie said...

I'd be willing to upgrade you the whole way to the Excalibur love!

I usually avoid this football smack talk - And even though I want the Pats to win I do think that the Giants have the advantage.

Josie - say what you want but the Giants did already beat your beloved Pats once this year - anything can happen.

However, I'm going for Terrible Tom and his willy nilly adventurers

Mr Mojo Risin said...

So who is the weirdo who thought they were dating you?

Paul said...

Josie- your reading comprehension skills stink. I wasn't talking smack about 5 years ago, don't need to since the Giants beat the Pats ALREADY THIS YEAR!!! Remember, it was right in your hometown sweetie so I know you are trying to block it from your memory but sorry, it exists.

Ugh. Girls and sports and selective memory. :-)

Josie said...


Forgive me. When you talk about 2007 it's hard to comprehend you mean this year so don't get your panties in a twist. You'll see I'm right 2 Sundays from now. Make sure you think of me when it happens and I expect a nice comment from you afterwards to make up for this one. You know why? Because Mama's always right!

Anonymous said...

in b4 menage et trois...featuring you, TBC and yours truly imo


Anonymous said...

FBoy taking it dooowwnnnn

Josie said...

Lol crazy kid