Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Okay Tuesday

I stole borrowed this idea from Whispering Writer.  Every Tuesday she writes a list of things to be "okay" about.

It's Okay....

That I never knew what the GI in GI Joe stood for.  I suppose it's even more okay that I found out over the weekend and it was my 13 year old son who told me "Mom, GI is short for government issued".  Oh really?  How is it that I'd never heard that before?  I mean I've played with GI Joe's for pete's sake!

That I dislike Mitt Romney even more than I thought possible. You LIKE being able to fire people who provide services for you?  Dick.  Seriously, do you know nothing about the country you are trying to lead?  I understand that you feel that way but if you really want to be the slimy politician you are aspiring to be, don't you know not to mention that shit? Idiot.  I have never had an affinity for this man, however hearing that line (in or out of context) while we are meeting to discuss who is getting laid off next week, doesn't not make me enamored of him.  Plus, he's a dick.

That I don't allow Evan to say the word "dick".  Can you say double standard? :)  Not really.  As I told him, he can say it when he's all grown up.  The list of what he'll do when he's all grown up includes saying all sorts of swear words, having both a dog and a duck as his pets, and owning his own canoe.  Chick magnet!

That I finally met the elusive Lexi.  She's the only friend of Evan's who I hadn't met, and they've been buddies for years.  For some reason it was important to Evan that I not meet her (and perhaps embarrass him.  kids! hmfph) The doorbell rang and a cute little blonde girl in a pink hoodie and pink high tops was there, chewing her pink gum.  "Is Evan here?"

"He's getting dressed.  Are you Lexi by any chance?" *big grin*


"Would you like to come in and wait?" *big grin* "I've heard a lot about you."

"Nah, can't." *pointing to pink high top sneakers* "They're dirty."

"You could take them off." *small grin*


"Evan was just playing xbox, you can come in and play with him." *tiny grin*


Fine.  I get Evan who goes on the front porch for a top secret chat and comes back in. He says she wanted him to go to the school yard with her but he said no and sent her on her way.  I ask why he didn't go with her or invite her in to play xbox and laughs and says he didn't want to.  Fine.  *no grin*

That it's time to win another big poker tournament.  It's past time baby.  Someone told me they'd "crush me obv".  omfg I wonder how much money I could extract from him in a last longer bet. :)  Lock up your money if you're on the East Coast this weekend!

That Evan is determined to buy his own lake canoe.  wtf a lake canoe is vs a regular canoe I do not know.  Unfortunately, when he gets something in his head he doesn't let go.  This thing costs hundreds of dollars so it's going to be a while and no I am not donating....directly anyway.  I will pay for slave work to be done around the house though, which he'll do for the canoe fund.  Make hay when the sun shines, I always say.  Thus far he's emptied the dishwasher and fed the cat all week.  Now you may think feeding the cat is no big deal, but it is to me.  The smell of cat food turns my stomache and makes me want to puke.  Not my fave activity first thing.

That I've never ever seen neither the Star Wars movies nor the Star Trek TV show.  Never, yet I'm telling you this is okay.  I'd normally keep this a deep dark secret because I know I'd get weird looks from all you sci fi guys.  However, yesterday I read that Whispering Writer had never seen the Rocky movies.  Can you imagine?  No, "Yo, Adrian" in Amber's life.  *gasp* So if she can avoid Rocky for a couple of decades I can continue to avoid that sci fi crapola.

That this post is quite late.  Actually, it bothers me that I'm posting later than usual, but it is what it is.  I haven't been sleeping well because my neck absolutely kills me when I go to sleep (and when I wake up) so this has thrown my cycle off a bit.  As I write this I'm thinking about taking some (more) advil and stretching.

That I kicked my sister out of my house TWICE in the last 72 hours.  For real yo.

Let's end there.

Play smart.



Cranky said...

VJ - hah! today's incidental learning. I always thought GI stood for general infantry. Just to be sure, I checked Wikipedia and your son is right.

Do you live near a place where the canoe can be used? Since you can't drive, how will Evan get the canoe to a river or other body of water. It may make sense to find a place where you can rent canoes or kayaks and Evan can try them out there to make sure he really wants one.

Josie said...

Well Cranky baby, Evan never let something like common sense stop him so you're up against a wall here. I guess the canoe can be used near here, but mostly he wants to use it in NH I think, and yes I've tried to tell him how much easier it is to just rent one when he gets there. He's tried many and I mean MANY canoes and kayaks. And his dad will be the one driving around with a canoe on his roof. *smile* Here's hoping that he finds something better to do with his money. And no, regardless of how much he saves he's not allowed to buy a duck.

Cranky said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that he's been out on the water in canoes and kayaks many times, so at least he's after something he's very familiar with.

I've never thought about the idea of a duck being a pet. Do they have personalities? Do they develop affinities towards humans? And if they do, who cares? They're dirty and noisy. Best left paddling around in the water and Evan can see them when he's out canoeing. ;-)

PokahDave said...

Don't be mad at Mitt...be mad at the real jobs killer in MA. Deval Patrick..

Josie said...

Dave, I'm not "mad" at Mitt. I just think every time he opens his mouth he inserts his foot. I also happen to dislike him very much and have for many years, but I'm not mad at him. His is what he is. Thankfully there is no way he'd win the presidency, although he does keep on trying. And no, I'm not a huge Deval Patrick fan either.

Glenn said...

OK, sorry but the Star Wars/Star Trek thing?

Not OK

It would definitely be OK if you had just seen the first three Star Wars movie and not the later ones (later in release date not in story sequence). It would even be OK if you had only seen one iteration of a Star Trek show, but none of the above?

Not OK

Etickets said...

That Romney quote is being taken out of context and you are buying into that. The full quote:

“I want people to be able to own insurance if they wish to, and to buy it for themselves and perhaps keep it for the rest of their life and to choose among different policies offered from companies across the nation. I want individuals to have their own insurance. That means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep people healthy. It also means if you don’t like what they do, you can fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. If someone doesn’t give me the good service I need, I’m going to go get somebody else to provide that service to me.”

badbilly32 said...

there's just sooo many places to go with this post.....

the last thing boys want, is there mom dipping into their personal lives! ESPECIALLY when it comes to girls!im 42 and to this day my mother will puruse my facebook page, and ask me:bill who is that girl you just friended(for some strange reason she has that dumb grin also)...sigh moms/women!

next:how is it u "played with j.i. joe,(could of ran with that one too)but you have never enjoyed captain kirk/darth vader....DARTH VADER!!!! vulcan death grips..dear god woman where were you when the enterprise had to have a "saucer seperation"(this is a guy thing , not a sc-fi thing f.t.r.)sigh moms/women!

finally boys build canoe's and routinely have exotic pets its what boys do besides baseball football and xbox!!!once again sigh....moms/women

do you see where im going lol.....

Josie said...

Glenn, That sci fi stuff is just yucky. Does it count that I've read every Stephen King book? That's ALMOST sci fi....at least some of them anyway. LOL btw I love your bold NOT OK. A man with an opinion is a good thing.

ET(call home!) erm etickets...yes, I took the line out of context. I heard his entire blurb and see he was ATTEMPTING to make a point. MY point is he made a horse's ass out of himself while trying to do so. He should be empathetic to those whose votes he is trying to win, if for no other reason, that to try to succeed. I just don't like him, not because of the shit coming out of his mouth of late. I'm a massachusetts gal so I've had enough of him. (he used to be gov'nr here)

billy, I see where you're going. lol women! btw GI Joe had a kung fu grip!

Littleacornman said...

Every day is still a school day."Love you long time Government Issued" just doesn't have the same ring to it though!

Josie said...

lol acornman - that was some funny shiat right there, and i completely agree. lol

Glenn said...

Josie - Really, even if it was just Star Trek I could give you a pass. But Star Wars? You're talking about some of the greatest films of our childhood (you and I are close in age). Those movies transcend Science Fiction. They involve great story telling and are simply must sees. Frankly, I can give no further quarter here. Get you the DVDs, pop some corn, and get ready for a good time!

Not OK

Josie said...

Glenn, saying we are close in age is coming dangerously near calling me old. I warn you only because you may not want to live out your golden years with a limp. :) jk

Alright, MAYBE I will watch ONE Star Wars movie, although I honestly don't know that I could sit through one in its entirety. Do you suggest the first movie, or perhaps a prequel. <--- omfg talk about beating a dead horse.

PokahDave said...

...but he IS going to be the next president of the US...you do know that right?

Josie said...

@pokahdave, that's the first offensive thing you've ever said to me. *sob*

Cranky said...

VJ - if you do decide to break down and watch a Star Wars movie or two, the 4th and 5th (in storyline order, not issue date) are the two best and, in my opinion, the only ones worth watching. The 4th is the one that was originally issued as "Star Wars." The 5th is the one issued 2nd and called the Empire Strikes Back.

Mitt Romney is a dick (to use your terminology). But, he's the only Republican that doesn't scare me. I'm just scared he might win if he gets the nomination. My hope is that one of the whackjobs gets the Republican nomination so Obama is easily re-elected.

Josie said...

Cranky, I'm thinking I'll watch one (only) for journalistic reasons. I will go with your suggestion and watch the 4th one (which is really the first one and not the 4th one made...and it's called Star Wars. ugh - so confusing.

Thank you for calling Romney a dick. You've made my day.

Josie said...

Cranky, I'm thinking I'll watch one (only) for journalistic reasons. I will go with your suggestion and watch the 4th one (which is really the first one and not the 4th one made...and it's called Star Wars. ugh - so confusing.

Thank you for calling Romney a dick. You've made my day.

josiesboytoy said...

Okay as a neutral person let me way in on the Republican bunch.

Santorum.... right wing religious nut job
Romney...... Smiles but doesnt say anything
Palin.. (Yea I know shes not in). Probably says praise the lord when shes getting laid
Paul.... Makes a lot of sense but he will probably pass away before the election he is so old
Perry.... another nut job from the same state as that other nut job Bush
Bachman.... Seriously why do the good looking ones not have any brains or common sense.. another religious wingnut.

Great choices you have....
Oh and for Obama.... seems like a decent guy but he is in over his head

Wolfshead said...

Can't say I've never seen the Rocky movies, I did see the first two but I will say I avoid all subsequent screenings like the plague (watching the second one wasn't my idea, I got trapped)

You are a hell of a lot stricter with Evan than I am with my daughter tho I ain't buying her a canoe either. Of course she never said she wants one but she ain't getting the katana she wants either.

badbilly32 said...

things i learned today:

1)romney is a dick
2)joise has FULL knowledge of the"kung fu grip feature"
3)your boobs while an inch lower than 20 years ago are still "awesome"
4)ducks, while very cool, do not make good house pets

Josie said...

@josie'sboytoy, aha! i have just figured out who you are. *smirk*

@wolfie, i'd buy her the katana so i'm not as strict as you. so long as she knows how to handle it properly, and i think she would.

lol badbilly, omfg! i had to defend my boobs. i was *this close* to posting a pic of them just to illustrate my point. arghhh

Zin said...

@josie, please do post a pic, lol. What did you do to Tik Tok?

Josie said...

@zin, I don't know what I did to him. sheesh.

R. Jacob said...

I have erred in not wishing you a happy new year!


Josie said...

Thank you Ray and Happy New Year to you! I hope it's a happy and prosperous one.

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't like Mitt Romney just because his name bugs me. What kind of name is Mitt?

Memphis MOJO said...

Unfortunately, when he gets something in his head he doesn't let go.

Where does he get that?

Josie said...

WW, I know, right?

Mojo - funny guy! :P

PokahDave said...

I know half the people work for the public sector/govt./union affiliated workplaces...but Mitt couldn't possibly do a worse job than our current president. It's just not possible. He is the worst president of all time.

Wolfshead said...

@Pokah Dave

Sure he could, he could privatize everything and then half the rest of the working population can be laid off. That's what the GOP wants isn't it. Either that or a return to the days of the company store. Anyone who thinks big business is altruistic and is going to take care of those lower on the food chain is overly optomistic. Their ownly goal is to raise their profit another couple percentage points the next quarter, there is no long term view. And BTW, investment by rich folks doesn't create jobs unless they are starting a new company. It's purchasing by the majority of the people that creates a demand that spurs job growth and when you keep laying people off to increase the next quarter's profit you only speed up the death cycle.

PokahDave said...

Yup...that's right...hard choices have to be made right now. Obama kicks the can down the road just like all the rest. The Death Spiral has to be stopped at some point doesn't it? You can't subsidize every single social program for everybody. 5 more years of this and we are Greece...
I am not a Republican. By the way..energy independence would go far in creating more jobs and stopping the death spiral. So we're going to have to drill for oil and all the other nasty stuff. We are also going need a little pipeline. If you are going to demand that the Corporations restructure their pay then we'll also have to restructure every pension in govt. and public sector.

grrouchie said...

Gastro-Intestinal Joe (is my guess)