Saturday, November 20, 2010

What to do?

I'm still feeling sick, but kind of committed to another Spades game at Lynne's house.  Stay home and be sick, or cancel, which I know will disappoint them? When she scheduled the spades game, she made it for when I was available.  But damn, I cannot seem to shake this congestion.

Was feeling better yesterday.  Today, not so much.

And I was planning on getting so much done today (Saturday) but it's almost 2pm and I'm sitting here inert.

Oh well.



Gary said...

Stay home. Don't make yourself worse and get a bunch of other people sick in the bargain. Get yourself healthy for Wednesday.

Josie said...

Yes, I called and told them I was staying home. And just had some soup for dinner. :)

Wolfshead said...


James Atkin said...

Hey Josie,

Would you be willing to swap blog links with me? I've already added you to mine @

Hope you have a good time in Vegas!


Josie said...

Hi James - Sounds like a fine idea. I'll check out your blog later. I am in work and since I'm being paid handsomely, I must pretend to accomplish things. :)


PS Hopefully your blog is about something I'm into like poker that's about it. :)

James Atkin said...

Nice one!

You're in luck, it's about poker :)