Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Mmmmmm Turkey

Wishing each of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  Lucky for me, I'll be doing more eating than cooking for this holiday.  My mother is making Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm helping out a bit.

I'm making a couple of side dishes (the peas and sweet potatoes) plus I'm baking lemon drop cookies and an apple almond cheesecake.  As Rachael Ray would say....Delish!

Thanksgiving is pretty much about 3 things; food, football and being thankful.  Today I told my boss I was thankful for him.  I think he was shocked.  Now I'm not talking about the owner; the old guy I love, love love.  Although I'm thankful for him too.  Yesterday the owner did me a large favor, then came over to bring me my bottle of Thanksgiving wine.  I thanked him, but it was more for the favor than the wine.  He understood.  He whispered in my ear "Dear, I'd do anything for you." And you know what?  I'd do anything for him. 

But anyway, my immediate boss is a PIA, but nevertheless, I'm thankful for him too.  We just have a different type of relationship.  He whines relentlessly and I listen and respond.  Blah.  But he's a good guy, just not an enjoyable one.

On the poker front - suck.  I've played very little lately, although last night I fired up ole Full Tilt and decided to play a few tourneys.  3 to be exact and I lost, lost, lost.  No, not because of bad beats and poker gods and blah blah blah.  Yeah, I got sucked out on, but that's not why I lost.  I lost because I didn't play well.  Played too many hands I shouldn't have been in.  Need to sharpen up, but not tonight.

Tonight's for baking, just like tomorrow's for eating.  And football.  And giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving my dears. 



Memphis MOJO said...

A big Happy Thanksgiving to you. Glad to hear you can spend it with family.

Quick question: How did you take your photo, the one at the top of this last post? Did you set the timer on the camera?

Josie said...

Mojo I used a special camera - one that turned me into Rachael Ray (a YOUNG Rachael Ray).

Gary said...

I'm thankful I no longer have to look at that picture of Rachel Ray - the picture for which the expression "lipstick on a pig" was coined.