Friday, November 19, 2010

2 1/2 weeks

Less than 3 weeks till Vegas, but who's counting? :)  I get to try out my mad poker skills in Vegas baby!  Hopefully, you know that was written with a bit of sarcasm.  Yet I really do have a knack for reading people, both at the poker table and in life.  We shall see if I reap some benefits from it.

Okay, it's my day off and I'm about to get some errands done, so i have to make this quick.  Below are the reasons why I'm so excited to FINALLY go to Las Vegas:

(in no particular order)

1.)  Live action Baby!
2.)  Lots o drinking
3.)  Wolfie's bringing Salted Cararmels.  (if he doesn't, let's just say that would be BAD)
4.)  Meeting Wolfie
5.)  I'll be meeting MIAMI DON. (I'm gonna try not to act like a groupie)
6.)  Ditto for Lightning
7.)  Ditto for Waffles - although I've already "met" him.  Haven't seen him in quite a while though.  Certainly not since he started sporting his Porn Stache. 
8.) Poker Grump!  Yes, I'll be meeting him too!  Wheeeeee
9.) Playing with my team, in the last longer challenge.  I love me some team sports.  :)
10.)  Um.....SPORTS BOOK.  At my disposal.  Bestill my beating heart.
11.) It'll be a helluva lot warmer than frigging Boston
12.) I'd really LOVE to meet Carmen......of course she doesn't know me, but bahhh that never stopped me before.
13.)  Maybe I'll see Bammer, Riggs, Oh Mojo though.  :(
14.)  Ah, and my old love - Black Jack!  Jack used to be my first love, until poker came along in a major way.  Nevertheless, a one hour black jack session is the easiest and quickest way to win a few hundred bucks, assuming you can count cards, and manage your betting properly.  Ohhhh old love, it's time for a visit!

So that's the good news.

The bad news is I am socially inept and have a really hard time meeting people for the first time.  No social skills.  Waffles can attest to this.  Although I've already met him, so there won't be a problem there.  I'm really not going to worry about it too much.  I will rely on liquid courage. 

I think it's pretty funny that I completely forgot to mention "food" on my list of fave Vegas things.  I suppose there will be some time for eating.  They serve food in the poker room and sports book, right?  :)

I didn't forget shit like magic shows, celine dion concerts, or a visit to the ferrari showroom.  I won't be doing ANY of that stuff. Mama's got her priorites.  Guess that means sleeping's out too.

And here's the final thing on my list....

15.)  WINNING a tournament.  Bank on it.  It just maybe the blogger tournament you'll be playing too.  Then again maybe not, but I'll tell you this;  I'll be winning a tourney.

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

You're not excited about the trip, are you? LOL, heck, I don't blame you, sounds like fun. I can't go this year, but will shoot for next.

Are you taking your camera? They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you gotta get some pics!!

lightning36 said...

"no social skills"

I'll give you a bunch of crap, you can respond, and we'll be just fine ...

Josie said...

Mojo, there will be pics!

Lightning, you're on!

Wolfshead said...

Wait a minute Light, that's my schtick

Wolfshead said...

You know, she's getting damned demanding. First drinks and now salt caramels. Gotta think about this. Last woman I treated that well I wound up marrying. That ain't happening again.

lightning36 said...

Wolf, this will be just like an old fashioned tag team match. I'll bring the foreign object into the ring ...

Josie said...

Light, don't scare me!

Wolfshead said...


foreign to you or to Josie?

Josie said...

Hey! This discussion has officially ended!

Wolfshead said...

Hmmmm, I don't know if I consider that nice

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I know you'll be crazy busy, but I'd love to meet you while you're here.

Josie said...

Linda, that would be great! I'll be in touch!

BamBam said...

You can quit getting so excited now.

NO Bammer for the first time in years.


Wolfshead said...

That's not right.

Anonymous said...

I'm flattered.

I'm also even better in person.

Can't wait to meet you Josie.