Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Just Another Manic Monday

I swear I must have PMS.  Oh never mind, it must be that I'm a bitch.  Yeah, that's it.  Okay, ready to hear me bitch whine make some thoughtful observations?

I (and everyone else) got the email below from the commissioner of my online league this morning:

congrats to my dad for winning Week 08!!!

and, as for halftime payout, it all comes down to tonight between josie and ed...
once again, josie is put in the predicament of actually hoping that her final pick for the week is wrong... hehe anyhow, good luck to both of you!!!!

So I sent the following email to Ed (and everyone else):

Ed sucks eggs. And dresses in women's clothing when no one but Booch is around. I'm just sayin'.

Yes, I am VERY mature.  I guess here's hoping that Indy loses.  It's like hoping Santa's coming to visit me.  Very unlikely. 

On the upside, the office girls are begging me to go out for drinks tonight after work.  One of the girls dressed up as Snooki for Halloween.  I'm gonna ask permission to share a photo here.  Hilarious!

Speaking of office girls - You Know Who is driving me nuts.  Her husband had surgery on his hip, so she brought the xrays into the office.  She kept telling me REPEATEDLY how I had to see the xrays cuz they were so cool.  I don't dig medical stuff.  Yuck.  I don't even want to see my own xrays, so I declined.  This was maybe 3 months ago.  So after I decline - she brings them over and shoves them in my face - LITERALLY.  After I told her I didn't want to see them.  Stuff like that really bothers me.

Couple of weeks ago, he goes in for another surgery and yup she brought the new xrays in and said "You have to see the new xrays.  They're sooooo cool!"

Here was my response "Idiot*, I don't like xrays.  I don't want to see them.  You showed them to me last time after I told you I don't like that sort of thing."

Later that afternoon.....I'm walking by her desk and she calls me.  I go to see what she wants and she has the xray in one hand and her other hand is covering the penis portion of it this time.

I was shocked. 

She jumped right in with "isn't that cool?  I'm covering the bad part..."  So again I explain that I TOLD her I didn't want to see them, and I DON'T THINK THIS IS COOL.  I tell her this in no uncertain terms again. 

Today she sent me an email of her jack o lanterns.  Hmmmm the cut outs weren't faces....I stupidly respond and say, "What did you carve?  I can't make it out."  But I should've known.  She used his xrays as a pattern for her jack o lantern.  "Isn't that cool?"

You better hope my mood improves by Wednesday because This Wednesday is:

The Very Josie

The hottest private online poker tournament in town.  I want all the old players to play and I want NEW players too.  In fact, if you've never played The Very Josie before, I suggest you start THIS WEDNESDAY.  Each new player that has never played before will get a prize.  A prize!!!  I'm also thinking about giving a prize to the winner but you know, that'd be ME.

Play Wednesday.  Password is pokerbaby.

In Waffles news, he and I are even steven.  We need some sore of tiebreaker and I'm open to suggestions.  Oh and Waffles has removed all facial hair and looks like the teenager who shovels snow for me.  What some hot chocolate little boy?

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

Is that how you get little boys into your lair by hot chocolate?

Josie said...

No, I use hot chocolate to get OLD MEN WITH GOUT. :P

Memphis MOJO said...

I want all the old players to play and

Are you calling me old?

Wolfshead said...

Guess I'll have to bring the pics of my brain out to Vegas to show you seeing that you like things like that. Since I went thru 4 CAT scans and 2 MRIs they're as big as a small novel. It will give us something to do when you buy me some drinks. Then i'll even be nice so you can take them home with you and shove them in her face.

Josie said...

Mojo, No effing way. But be sure to take your geritol AND a nap before the tourney. :)

Wolfie, You better not bring that crap with you. And in case you haven't noticed I'm a woman - YOU will be buying ME drinks, if you are a gentleman...or even a grumpy old man.

lightning36 said...

You can't have it both ways, babe. If you want to be a liberated female you need to act like one. Seems to me that you should be buying drinks in Las Vegas for me, Wolfshead, Waffles, Mojo, Bam-Bam, ...

Josie said...

What if I want to be a dominated female? Then do I get free drinks?

I will HAPPILY buy Mojo and Bammer drinks tho. Any day, any time.

lightning36 said...

Maybe I should have left my blog a Josie-free zone??? : o )

Wolfshead said...

You really didn't go down that path now did you? Drinks for Mojo and Bam at ant time? And with the VJ coming up on Wed? Typical woman, libereated or dominated, just doesn't know when to keep her yap shut.

Heffmike said...

yay, I get to play for free this month!

Josie said...

Heff, didn't we have a double or nothing bet too? just kidding!

Yes you are playing FOR FREE!

Bayne_S said...

But the X-Ray of my arm is so cool when you see all the screws and stuff

Josie said...

Bayne...Ewwwww I'm sure it is, but I definitely don't wanna see it.

Wolfshead said...


the screws and all sound cool but let's face it, brains are the shit