Monday, November 15, 2010

Olive Story

The Pits

I have always loved olives.  Heck, my Nonno was an olive farmer in Sicily, so why wouldn't I love olives.  My ex brother in law, however hated olives.  He was a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  That's pretty much all he ate, when he wasn't eating butter and potato chip sandwiches.  Yes, a real gourmet.

Anyway, we all went away to NH for the weekend and we were sharing a suite.  We always brought tons of snacks, and someone brought a small box of chocolates, which was quickly eaten.  Later on, I was laying on a bed, reading my book, and eating some olives!  I had no where to put the pits except for in the little chocolate box that was near by.  Perfect!  I'd suck on an olive for a while, nibble the yummy olive goodness off the pit and deposit the pit in the empty chocolate box.  Rinse and repeat.

Then I went down to the pool for a swim.

When I got back exbro in-law was laying on the bed eating chocolates!  He had the box in his lap and something in his mouth!  I said "What are you doing?"  He said he was having some chocolate but they were really hard.  They must be stale.

I said "No....those are olive pits!"  He jumped up like his ass was on fire and spit the offending pit out.  "I was wondering what that taste was! You think that's funny?" (I was dying laughing)  He thought that I had tricked him on purpose.  So I added "You know, I was sucking on those olive pits." Ahhh good times.

Oh on an entirely different, and you just may lose your lunch, note.  I have a zit smack on the middle of my chest and it's starting to look like a third nipple.  Blah.



For Your Own Good said...


It sounds like your ex BIL could use some advice on the difference between chocolate and olives!

For his own good :o)

lightning36 said...

Funny story. Seemed like it was straight out of Seinfeld.

Josie said...

For Your, I know! I watched him chew on that pit for what seemed like forevah! And thanks for the comment! I love me a new commenter!

Lightning - all true!