Friday, November 12, 2010

Mama's going to Vegas!


I am so excited.  Everything is booked so that makes it official.  If I drink enough Monster energy drinks, I'll have 120 hours of poker playing time.  I. Can't. Wait.

I ended up getting a super cheap deal and because of the cheap flights on Wednesday, I'm going a day early!

What I'd really like to do Wednesday evening is play a good sized tournament.  I checked The Venetian's website and there isn't much going on, on Wednesdays.  Just a $60 mtt at 8pm.

Can anyone recommend where I can find a juicy No Limit Holdem Tournament on Wednesday, Dec 8th? Help a sista out!

I had yesterday off, and went Christmas shopping with the girls, all day long.  Didn't get home till after 9:30!  These are the same girls from the weekend getaway.  They insisted we wear our matching tshirts for the shopping trip so I complied.  I mean how could I not?  The woman who made those tshirts is making The Very Josie T-Shirts for me.  And they're going to be awesome!  She was a little shocked at the graphics but they're almost done!  I explained to her that I needed things speeded up so I could send one to The Netherlands.  I also have to send one over the pond to Nacho's friend, Acornman.

Who knew the first 2 shirts would be sent out of the US.  Here's hoping one of the U.S. boys will win the next Very Josie, as whoever wins The Very Josie will now get a t-shirt!

On the poker front, I am playing an $8 (2) table step game on Full Tilt, right now.  I seem to donk off chips when I over play small pairs.  Gonna try to work on that.

Play smart, and let me know if you have any information on tourneys in Vegas...specifically on Wed Dec 8th or Fri Dec 10th.  I am keeping Thursday open for meeting all you awesome bloggers that have kept me entertained all year long. You guys rock.



Memphis MOJO said...

I wish I could go, but I will next year. Have fun (heck, what am I saying? I know you will).

Wolfshead said...


The site itself, All Vegas Poker used to be a pretty informative site for almost anything poker out there. Took advantage of it my last trip. Don't know how well it's been maintained since then.

Looks like at least 3 of us will be out there Wed, you me and Drizz. I arrive around 1:30 in the pm. Probably play some cash at Harrahs or related site as I'm about an RCH from making the next level on the players card and would hate to have to start all over again in Jan.

Josie said...

Very handy site. Thanks Wolfie!

Lucki Duck said...

Caesars Palace puts on a nice tourney both at noon and 7pm (I think). Buy in is $100-150. Good sized starting stack and long blind levels allow for a lot of play. Last time I played for 7 hours and still didn't cash :o(

First place is usually between $6-10K. Good luck and have fun!

Jason said...

You no longer follow Hurricane Mikey?

OhCaptain said...

See you in Vegas!

Josie said...

Jason, OF COURSE I still follow Mikey! I dunno why you'd think that I don't!

It's such a bummer that I finally get to Vegas and Mikey isn't there anymore. I've wanted to meet him for years.

Josie said...

Captain, I can't wait!