Monday, November 8, 2010

Gooooo Bengals!

Happy Monday Peeps!

Didn't I tell you that Week 9 looked mighty fine?  I did very well this week, getting ALL of my picks right EXCEPT my 10 (New England) and my 1 (Kansas City).  Not too shabbay.  Too bad I didn't have a frigging bet with Heffmike!

Anyway, because of my awesome picking skills, I'm in first place for the week, but only ahead by one point.  That's the good news.

The bad news is if Pittsburgh (my pick) wins tonight, I will lose, because someone has alot more points on it than I do.  See spreadsheet below.

But if Cincy wins.............

Very Josie wins!

Yeah, I know that Pittshburgh will most likely win, so stfu.  Any given Monday....

Blah, it's 6:35am and I am putting off getting in the shower and getting ready for work.  I'm too damn cold, but I gotta be like Nike and Just Do It.




KenP said...

So what's missing from a hot shower?

Indoor plumbing

Water heater

Decent relationship with Utility Co.

Josie said...

I'll tell you what's missing. I'm too cheap to put the heat on. So the shower was hot,but I was freezing when I woke up and really couldn't bring myself to strip down.

But for the sake of cleanliness I did. And yeah the shower was hot and wonderful.

KenP said...

I'd thought maybe you were staying at Bate's Motel.