Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess What Happened?

I was the bubble

We played The Very Josie tonight and had just a great time!  Damn, I love blogger MTTs.  Here's a quick recap, although things already seem fuzzy...

I started out with a bang! 8th hand of the game and I limped with pocket 3s, no one raised and we got to look at a flop.  Flop was 10, 6, 3.  Boom!  I bet out and Gary called.  Turn was another 6 giving me a full house.  I bet, he raised, I reraised..that went back and forth a few times  until we were all in.  Gary flipped over a 6-2 for three of a kind and I had a full house.  GG Gary. 

BTW I did have 2 new players that have never played The VJ before.  Krack ur Nuts from The Netherlands and Mr. AcornMan from Scotland.  We were lucky to get Acorn because he had the next day off.  Yay!  (or booo depending on how you look at it,but I'm getting ahead of myself)

As you know I offered any new players a prize for playing.  So Krack and Acorn are getting Very Josie T-shirts....the very first ones!  I don't have them yet but expect them in next week, and I expect them to be awesome.  Winners of The Very Josie will now win a Very Josie T-shirt as well.  And they're so cool!

Okay so back to the game.  Even though I chipped up early, I made bonehead move #1 when I flopped tptk and Ugly Wolfie jammed all in.  I called and was facing a big over pair: K-K.  Bone headed move that doubled Wolfie up and put me back to mebbe 3,500.  Not really a hardship and soon enough I was back in the 5-6K range. 

Also soon enough, Wolfie was out of the tournament.  :)  Well not that soon.  I think he made it to the final table but that's about it.  Actually below is a screen shot of where we all ended up.

My second boneheaded move was my demise.  HeffMike was to my right.  Now I've played with him enough to have a feel for how he plays.  And he was jamming all in on my blinds over and over again.  Finally he did it when I had 6-6.  Now I had a ton of chips and there's no need to risk most of them with 6-6, I mean at best I'm up against 2 overs, or worse against an over pair.  Yet when he jammed all in, I somehow called him.  he turned over 9-9 and I doubled him up, and left myself with about 1,300 in chips.


No matter....I played and played.  Jammed when I thought I had the best hand, and stole the BB of Mr. PushMonkey who was suddenly absent.  I got it back up to 6-7K and played my heart out.

You guys know this was my tiebreaker bet against Waffles, right?  Whoever lasted longer....I dunno was the most awesome person in the universe.  Well, Waffles is AWESOME.  I've actually never saw him play as well as he did tonight in a tourney.  Patience galore and making the right bets at the right time.  Anyway, don't get me wrong, I wasn't all that bad myself.

We were down to 4 peeps....3 itm....and I had a small pair that I jammed into a bigger pair.  I think it was Acorn who took me out 4th.  Then like 2 hands latah Waffles was out 3rd.  GG Waffles.  I think he wants his 2 drinks served in a very special manner. 

So with the donks like Waffles and me out of the way, it was down to Acorn Man from across the pond (hi mate!) and HeffMike, who is rapidly replacing Dionysus as the poker blogger whose play I admire, but more on Dionysus in a bit. :)  (hi dionysus!)  It's heads up so of course I start rooting for Acorn.  First of all, he's got a cute accent, 2nd of all he's got a cute accent.  As I'm encouraging him to kick Heff's sorry ass out of this tourney.....Heff says that if he wins he'll ship the buyin back to me!  Don't forget that I paid his way tonight.  (does that make him ma bitch?) 

Anyway, turns out that I'd do just about anything for $11!!!

I start to root for Heffmike like it's the 2004 world series and he's on the red sox!  Gooooooooo Heff!!!!!  Heff had the lead heads up too, but after quite a long heads up battle, Acorn doubled up to get the lead, and then finally the win. 

First time player and winner................................ACORN MAN!!!!

It might've been Acorn's first Very Josie, but it sure wasn't his first poker game.  Me mate can play.  Congrats man!

Speaking of men.......Dionysus......out early. D was telling me how much he wanted Very Josie's he was gonna get it, but guess what?  I took D's ass out and got his bounty - which is the sweetest money of all.  Mmmmmmmm

I dunno what happened to Lightbulb...but he was there.

Play smart.


PS - This shitty recap, written when I'm half asleep just doesn't do it justice....doesn't illustrate all the fun, all the trash talking, all the bs and good ole poker playing fun that was had.  You should really play next time.  Frigging fun!


Wolfshead said...

You're damn right it's a shitty recap. Don't see a link there. You'd be after my balls if I didn't give one to you. And that "well next thing you know Wolfie's out" line. Yea, Wolfie's out when a certain cipleader at the time who shall remain nameless but his intials are Pushmonkey jams an A-J against my A-K and freakin winds up with a jacks full.

Josie said...

Hmmmm after your balls.......

Yeah you're right. I was too lazy last night. I'll link you up in the next post.

Memphis MOJO said...

Winners of The Very Josie will now win a Very Josie T-shirt as well. And they're so cool!

I've got to get me one of those. Couldn't play last night, but I'll be there next time.

Josie said...

Mojo - I expect you very soon your entire wardrobe will be very josie t-shirts. you kill my tourney!

PokahDave said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I must have next bounty!!!!

Josie said...

Pokah Dave, Oh YES! I got your $2 bounty rubbed it all over my boobies!

Memphis MOJO said...

I wish I were a $2 bounty.

Littleacornman said...

That was a blast Josie.It was great playing with y'all!

Josie said...

ROFL Mojo!

Wolfshead said...

Saw the perfect VJ shirt today but unfortunately didn't know her size to bring one out to Vegas for her.

Sez, "You can try and push me around but I'm the meanest, baddest bitch in town".

Sounds kind of appropriate.

Josie said...

I'm thinking you should get that tshirt for yourself. :)