Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wanna play with me and a bunch of old guys?

One of the old guys

The Very Josie is tonight at 9pm ET.  Password is pokerbaby.  find me, veryjosie and you'll find the most exctiting game on Full Tilt!

I'm paying BamBam's buy in to the event because......erm....because he knows alot about boobs, even my boobs!  If you want to read all about his mad boob skills, click HERE.

For the record, I still CANNOT believe some guy in Bedrock (if I were from Canada, i wouldn't admit it either BamBam) knew more about me than you USA boys.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

BamBam got lucky last time.  No he didn't win (obv) but he was lucky enough to NOT have me at his table.  Instead he had a bunch of noobs like College Boy, Jew Boy (hee hee) and my sister.  Talk about an easy table!  And when I checked in on said table, he and Riggs were feeding my sister quite a line.  That they are in fact real brothers!  Heh.  Still can't believe neither of you cashed, while starting at the easy table!

Play smart TONIGHT.



KenP said...

Well, I love to bust the Bammer's chops every chance.

But, I've never had the guts to refer to him as the old guy. WTG!

Josie said...

lol I meant it in a good way!

BamBam said...

Careful what you wish for Josie.

"Playing with an old guy" in my case, has been known to increase breast size!

Among other things.


Heffmike said...

that was actually a lot of fun. then again, it's more fun to win than lose, so I'm not saying much, am I?

Nice taking down the Mookie.

Josie said...

LOL BamBam, is that why they aren't getting bigger? Damn, who knew?

Heffmike, it was fun, I just wished I lasted a little longer in the very josie - ooo that sounds dirty!