Saturday, July 17, 2010

I went to the movies!

Last night I went to see GROWN UPS with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek.  Talk about a star packed movie!

It was no academy award winner to be sure, but the movie had alot of pretty funny one liners.  All those comdians one upping each other through the movie....pretty funny.  Definitely a family movie with fart humor, pee humor and cringeworthy slapstick humor.  Sugar Bear loved it.

OMG Salma Hayek is beautiful!!!! Holy Shit!  At one point they go to a water park and she is shown in. a. bathing. suit.  WOW.  She looks better than she ever has.  I was trying to find a pic of her in the hot bathing suit she was wearing in the movie.  No luck.  The pictures below will have to suffice although believe it or not she looked hotter in the movie.

Before last night Angelina Jolie was my girl crush, however I think Angie has been topped!

Okay back to the subject of movies....When I was a little kid going to the movies meant going to The Drive In. 

We loved going to the Drive In on a summer night.  I think just being outside at night was fun for me.  We'd all load into the car; Mom, Dad, Cricket, my brother Bennie and me.  A cheap and fun night out.  My mom would pack all the snacks and drinks as there was no going to the snack bar.  Oh no....there was no extra money for that.

My mother would pop popcorn in a big pot on the stove and pack individual BIG bags for each of us to munch on through the movies. Either that or some other snack.....and that's where the problems began for me.  I liked to save my snack, so that it lasted through both movies.  Mind you, I never lasted through both movies.  Heck I was lucky if I stayed awake through the first one!  I was the youngest and the movies didn't start till it got dark enough, like 9pm.

Anyway, there I am saving my snack and my brother and sister would usually be done with theirs 10 minutes into the movie.  Then they (ESPECIALLY CRICKET) would hound me for mine.  Relentlessly!  And sharing didn't help.  Even if I gave them some (not much) it'd disappear and they'd demand more.  I was the bullied youngest btw.  Looking back I never really got much of my snack.  I don't know why I was always determined to save it.  I invariably fell asleep and my snacks were history anyway.

But before I fell asleep we'd pull out the beach chairs and light these charcoal snake things that were supposed to keep mosquitoes away and sit out under the stars, while watching the movie.  mmmmm my favorite part.  Then I'd get sleepy and crawl into the back seat.

Good times.

Ummmm poker sucks, btw.  At least Very Josie + Poker = Suck.

I went against my good intentions (they are always good) and played a big 50+5 tourney - double stack, over 600 peeps.  63 itm and I went out like I dunno 200 or something.  Stupid way to go out too.  On a straight draw.  I seem to be regressing.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Brought back good memories. I bet we have more in common than you think.

You root for the wrong Sox, btw, but I guess you grew up there and can't help it.

Wolfshead said...

Passing out drunk, talking about drive ins and you say I'm regressing? Interesting. Drive ins, back seats, going comatose, have you consulted anyone about what deep needs and feelings these images project? Gary, your services might be needed.

Josie said...

Lightning, I think you're right - I'm sure you'd be awesome to chat with.....except you're wrong about the sox. I can change ur mind tho - easily.

Wolfie - passing out drunk? what choo talking about willis? i was crawling into the backseat when I was like 7 or 8. That story was about when I was a little kid - don't know if you're joking with me or what.
And um, I don't need Gary's services but maybe YOU DO. :)

Wolfshead said...

Are you kidding me, not knowing if I'm kidding you? I have ever done anything but bust your (figurative) balls in a gentle and kindly way? Don't answer that.

As for Gary I know that he wears a pink thong these days but he lives a lot closer to you. Besides he doesn't do chatrooms or wear sundresses.