Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oy Vey!

Okay, there was alot of poker played by ME Wednesday night.  Let's start with the home game.  Gary and I had a side bet.  $5 for whoever won the most cash.  After a hell of alot of good poker playing we wound up even.  I won game 1 (a heads up game - I ROCK heads up).  Then I split game 2, but game 3 wasn't ending fast enough for me and The Mookie was starting so I just jammed all in with a crappy hand, got called by a crappy hand and lost.  Meh.  What can u do. 

I really pulled out all the stops to win too.  I even wore a poker uniform, which I never do at home.  Actually it was a sundress.  So of course Gary snaps a picture of me with  his camera. I thought he was trying to get back at me for posting that picture of him in the pink hat, until he mentioned  something about putting it on his ceiling.  Creep! And we ended up in a tie - that's like a win for Gary!
Onto The Mookie!

Note to self:  I gotta stop threatening and swearing at guys I don't know.  I like these poker bloggers yet I get so frustrated!!!

So I chip up early as usual and become chip leader too.  I am rocking the table.  Playing good hands, flopping top pair, 2 pair, over and over. 

Doing great till.....I have over 8k in chips, After being chip leader for over an hour I'm 2nd in chips but not by much.  I look down at KQ.  I raise 4XBB and get called by PushMonkey.   Flop is K-Q-5 off suit.  Shazam!  I bet, he raises, I reraise to like over 2k and he jams all in.  Fuck.  I'm hoping he has AK.  He has a few more chips than I do. 

I can't lay it down.  Unhappily, I call.  He has 5-5.  Turn is another 5 and I am out!!

I am soooooo angry at Pushmonkey I put a bounty on his head.  $10 to whoever takes him out but no one does.  That's okay.  I will KICK HIS ASS next week.  I'm sure of it.  I owe him a whupping, which I plan to deliver.

Lightning, shortstacked from the beginning (cuz he sucks at poker!!!) somehow hangs onto the final table...hangs on till in the money...and takes 2nd place.  Nice going Lightning.  For real yo. You play pretty good for an old guy.

Then.........I started on my challenge.  10 sngs.  I am 0-3.  I'm just not feeling those one tables.  I think I have to be in the mood for them.

Whew.  Now it's wicked late and I need to go to bed.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

It was just pushmonkey's night to win. As his name implies, yes, he has been a big pushmonkey. That is why I risked all those chips early (if you remember I was in second, a little off the lead) with A-K. As luck would have it, he actually had a hand -- AA. My stack, and later yours, kept him at the top of the leaderboard almost the entire night.

A comeback victory would have been so sweet. I thought I had it at heads up when I ran my flopped two pair into his flopped straight ...

Ahn well -- such is life in da Mookie.

Josie said...

Yeah I remember that hand, AK.

I just had so many chips, I shouldn't have risked the tourny. Eh, always next week. Fun time.

SirFWALGMan said...

Do not encourage Lightbulb. He sucks bad. I heard you say he got all in with A9 vs your AT and sucked out like the fucktard he is and then hits a goddamn gutter on some other poor guy. I know we want to keep fish like him around by not yelling at them but do not tell him he is good at poker. Jeeez.

Josie said...

Waffles you're right and I offically apologize. Lightning sux at poker! That hand he mentions, flopping 2 pair vs a flopped straight - what he doesn't mention is that he called a big raise preflop with 5-3...DONKEY!

lightning36 said...

I imagine that the two of you get along since you both lack an advanced understanding of tournament play in poker. I wish you the best of luck. You'll need it.

btw Josie -- Rooting against the lightning man is a big no no. Major demerits for that last night. You may have to work your way back up in my good graces.

Josie said...

Lightning Baby, I was rooting FOR you on the inside.

SirFWALGMan said...

I bow to your knowledge on how to play horribly. You are the master.

lightning36 said...

Thank you, Waffles. That was certainly much more polite than your most recent tweeted comment about me. : o )

Memphis MOJO said...

Lightning, You play pretty good for an old guy.

Ahem. Let's watch it now.

Josie said...

Mojo baby, I was trying to say something nice to Lightning - not easy. Now it would be VERY easy to say something nice about you. xoxo