Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I'm So Over

1. Jack Ten
2. Ace King
3. Straight Draws
4. L&BM Tournament
5. Drinking too much
6. Facebook
7. Scrapbooking
8. Black Jack
9. Rachael Ray
10. David Ortiz

I used to be such a fan of all of the above.

Jack ten cracked greater hands time and again for me.  I used to bet Ace King as though it were a boat.  It's not.  It's not even a pair.  I know I'm stating the obvious, but you'd be surprised.  And it used to be that you couldn't get me off a straight draw regardless of the size of your bet.  Let's just say I've made some adjustments.  I'm not saying that I never play items 1-3, I'm just saying I'm not in love with them like I once was.  Mama is way over them. 

I had a successful weekend online that stretched into Monday evening, which concided with the adjustments noted above.  I actually folded AK and went onto to win.  I was playing the step thing for a ticket.  I was chip leader - there were 7-8 of us left and 1-5 win the next step.  I raise with AK - 4 times BB and the guy who is 2nd in chips jams all in.  I have more but if I call and lose I'm the short stack heading for the bubble.  Um, no.  I folded, retained my chips and got my ticket.  I feel as I wasn't playing for a win, but a 1-5 place, that was the right move. 

L&BM Tournament - There was one Saturday night.  I skipped it and kept my ass planted firmly on the coach.  Last time I played I just didn't have a good time.  Nothing terrible happened but I remember wanting to go home.  Plus there aren't enough people showing up these days which makes it even less appealing.  Funny thing is a couple of months ago I wouldn't have missed a game.  So over it now though.  Go figure.

I haven't been getting my drink on and when I do it's only a couple.  No conscious reason for this, just not calling me.  The girls have been emailing for a girls night out for drinks, so the status of this may change.  :)

Facebook - When I joined I loved it and was fascinated.  Now a week or two can go by without me logging on.  I'm just not into it.  "Josie is glad it's Friday".  What used to be fun now doesn't interest me.  I guess I'm fickle. Scrapbooking, Black Jack and Rachael Ray all fall into this category too. Actually maybe they deserve their own category.  I love love loved all three of those, and I cannot say I ever loved facebook. Bleh.

Now for #10 Mr. David Ortiz - Nooooooo I am NOT over David Ortiz.  Hell No! He doesn't belong on this list.  I'm just fucking with you.

Papi is in the midst of a helluva comeback.  He had a crappy start to the 2010 season but fought to bring his batting from the basement to over .300.  He got voted onto the All Star team, which is amazing in itself considering his start.  But it gets even better.

Big Papi won The Home Run Derby! He hit a total of 32 home runs, with 11 in the final round to be beat out Hanley Ramirez.  Not too shabby for an old man.  I think this is shaping up to be a very good year for him.

Play smart.



Rakewell said...

"I skipped it and kept my ass planted firmly on the coach."

Who is "the coach," and did he enjoy this?

Josie said...

LOL Umm, "couch" not coach. :P

evpjm said...

I think this is something that I said to you a while ago. I speak from experience. Things evolve with me as well. What I was into a year ago is not what I'm into now. It happens. How long till the Blog makes the list? Nice showing for Big Papi. I think I also said to you in April or May not to worry about the Sox. Too much pitching. See how the Sox quietly are right there. Glad to see I get a few right here and there.

The Poker Meister said...

"I skipped it and kept my ass planted firmly on the coach." - Things are progressing with you & Waffles I see...

Josie said...


You're like frigging nostradamus. You're right on the mark - and you've mentioned previously that the i'll lose interest in the blog, but I dunno. I think my answer last time was "no effing way" or "i'm in love with my blog" or something like that. I think it'll take me a long while to lose interest in blogging. I don't enjoy anything on that list as much as I enjoy blogging.

Side note: George Steinbrenner passed away. No I was not a fan, but he certainly is a loss to many.

Josie said...

LOL @ Poker Meister....Hmmm he is a coach, isn't he? But I wouldn't do that to Waffles - that'd kill him! :P

Wolfshead said...

Sheesh, maybe Gary was telling the truth?

Josie said...

Wolfie, I dunno what your talking about, but I doubt it anyway.

Ever see "There's something about Mary?" I'm thinking of changing Gary's name to Woogie. :P

Bayne_S said...

wait a minute waffles has been coaching lately.

me thinks freudian slip

Memphis MOJO said...

Big Papi won The Home Run Derby! ... Not too shabby for an old man

Don't under-estimate old men!!

Josie said...

Bayne, he has been coaching lately, hasn't he? :)

Mojo, I would never underestimate YOU. (cuz I've played poker with you)

Wolfshead said...


you're safe, she has a short memory. Either that or the coach has her all befuddled

Josie said...

Wolfie, come on, I don't get befuddled, that's what I do to everyone else!

I do have a terrible memory but let's see - gary said i had a nice ass and a big ass, right? He's safe - he's right on both counts. :P

Wolfshead said...

and you wear sundresses

Josie said...

LOL, yeah I do sometimes.